Work in Progress: Be Kind – Part 2

The scene is Parliament House, the event is a Marriage Equality rally…

This my favourite sign at the Marriage Equality Rally, and what a perfect segue (segway?) from Work in Progress: Be Kind – Part 1 to the second set of photos!sign outside Parliament House: "Have Courage and Be Kind"

It was really nice to be at a rally for something positive – recognition of love – rather than the recent need to show up and shout about destructive things that need to be stopped! I know there will likely be further steps once the law changes (back) but Marriage Equality is at least a measurable, specific goal along the way.

I couldn’t get a clear photo of these signs:

  • “If Penny was PM we’d all be having a brunch right now”
  • I wasn’t going to ask your father, now I have to ask the whole f*ing country
  • YES with a picture of Mr Burns from the Simpsons
  • A family wearing t-shirts reading “I know what my family is worth ~ Penny Wong”
  • There were other great ones, too, but I can’t remember all the cleverness, d’oh!

Penny Wong, the Penny mentioned above ^^^ (twice) gave a speech:

Penny Wong speaking at the Adelaide Marriage Equality rally

Here is my favourite sight… So iconic and happy, right?

Re-looking through the pictures, I’m liking the grand grey classical architecture as a backdrop to the rainbow finery.

images from a marriage equality rally

I’ve kept people back or side view as much as I can, because I don’t know how to begin to find anyone who’s in the pics, so I’ve gone with an I-can’t-ask-their-permission-so-I’m-not-including-their-faces-on-my-blog policy.

We couldn’t hear the speeches, just the chants – the organisers hadn’t realised just how far the amplification would need to reach! It was a 5,000 strong crowd, reaching beyond the tram line in the centre of the road!

These t-shirts with my art on them have been selling well… Us Australians must be taking our time to get around to this, ‘cos I made this artwork years ago and we’re still working on it. Click the picture if you want to order a t-shirt, clock – “It’s time!” – leggings, or phone cover, etc, for your very own!

Items with rainbow heart Marriage Equality artwork by Tangerine Meg. Items are tshirt, mobile phone case, spiral bound journal, leggings a clock and a studio pouch.

Can we pleeee-ease Be Kind and inclusive?

There’s beyond enough destructive squabbling on this planet right now. Can we please reach out with a little kindness to each other? The whole of society is stronger if we include everybody.

The Australian marriage equality postal survey is nothing but what it says – it’s not linked to school programs, or to the decisions of churches, or other incorrectly associated things I’m not going through here. Reinstating marriage equality is choosing social inclusion, fairness, kindness.

Beautiful friends and family, I support you. So do many many others. I hope we get a big ‘yes’ from Australia and that the law changes (back).

me on the train with the sunshine behind me, overlaid with seth godin book entitled "we are all weird"

My and Tangerine Man’s marriage isn’t perfect, but nobody tried to prevent or argue against us getting married. Why should all adults not have the chance of the same opportunity and recognition?

<<< Here is me after the rally, in my rainbow accessories, overlaid with the cover of the Seth Godin book I was going to read on the way home. I didn’t read it though, ‘cos I felt a bit sick on the warm train after maybe not quite enough lunch. Quite soon after, I drank some coconut water and felt much better – and I’ve been continuing the book at home :)

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend/week! Leave a kind comment below if you like! Hateful comments will be deleted without discussion.

You are awesome!
Talk soon,
Meg x o


PS Be Kind A2 poster prints (from Part 1) are here. Work in Progress: Be Kind – Part 1 is here.

PS 2 Marriage Equality rainbow heart t-shirts are here.

PS 3 If you’d like to share on Pinterest, use this tall image…

Photos from Marriage Equality rally as a header image for Be Kind blog post
















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