Bold Living 59: Georgia O’Keeffe on flowers and friends

watercolour red and purple background with hand-lettered looking font wiht Georgia O'Keeffe quote, with an angled image of a nasturtium watercolour still life by Tangerine MegI so appreciate you – thank you for coming here, and reading this!

Pretty sure I’ve featured this Georgia O’Keeffe quote before; it fluttered again at my temples for this nasturtium still life picture with the reflect-y refract-y light in the glass. It’s such a lovely thought, ‘cos it reminds us to make the time to see a flower and/or a friend. Funny that she would’ve said this back in the 1920s or so, and we can barely imagine things being so time consuming as they are now… I guess there’s always a juggle!

Have a great week!
Love Meg x o


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