New Thing: Print of the Month!

watercolour red and purple background with hand-lettered looking font saying "New Thing: Print of the Month" with an angled image of a nasturtium watercolour still life by Tangerine MegLast week I assembled the final pieces for something I’ve been wanting to offer for ages. I was recommended to a place that does superb quality giclee prints, ordered a few to test out both the print and choose a suitable paper stock, figured out how to pack and mail them, and set up my online gallery shop with the first one!

Print of the Month – it’s here!

I’m now offering superb reproductions of my artwork in limited editions – just 25 this time – printed with archival pigment ink on gorgeous acid free paper, hand-numbered and signed by yours truly. This inaugural edition will be available throughout October 2017 or until 25 are sold, whichever happens first.

I picked (get it? picked!) Nasturtiums in Handmade Glass for the first because it’s been a tribe favourite. Maybe because of the intriguing light reflecting and refracting around the nasturtium stems in the glass? What do you think? Also: general #nasturtiumobsession

Technical details

The paper size is A3 (297mm x 420mm or about 11.5″ by 16.5″) allowing white space around the image for mounting if you choose to use it, though it also would be perfectly lovely displayed in the crystal clear cellophane bag it will ship in. There’s a foam core backing so you can lean it up in your office or sun room for display, or get a simple A3 frame to show it off.

This is still in the experimental phase – note the beta price which I’ll hold for as many months as I can before I need to increase it!

You had me at Print of the Month… Technology permitting, just below this sentence is a little picture and Add to Cart button, etc. If not, click this to get whoooshed to see the current Print of the Month in my gallery shop.


What do you reckon?

Do you have a favourite picture of mine you’d like to see as a print? I’d love to hear your suggestions! :)

What have you taken step-after-baby-step towards and made come true that you’ve really wanted? I’d love to hear, either below  or in the Facebook comments.

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o

PS Print of the Month is here :)

PS2 I’ve been sending our Bold Art for Bold Causes order percentage contributions to TPRF as usual, lately directing it to “Where the Need is Greatest”. There is much humanitarian aid needed right now. Sending love and light to affected souls, too.

PS3 I’ve ordered another wave of calendars… if you want to ensure you get yours, order here! Mwah! Talk soon :)




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