What is a Vision Board, anyway?

Have you made a Vision Board before, kindred spirit? Was it fun, useful?

close up of a 2017 collaged vision board overlaid with title, reading "What is a Vision Board, anyway?", Tangerine Meg

What and why I like Vision Boards

I’ve gotten a lot out of my yearly collaging. I love that it’s visual, and that it’s kinda like encouraging time travel…  when you send light and guidance to your later-in-the-year-self, going, hey remember we wanted to get this stuff done in this way, don’t get cluttered or overwhelmed, ok? Then a breath and a pause. And things get more back on track. Even when you’re putting out daily fires emails, liaising, doing errands …

It looks like I’ve been doing a yearly collage for around 5 years. I got onto them via the Leonie-who-formerly-called-herself-Goddess who said a tiny percentage of people plan their year and even less write anything down. A Vision Board is a visual way to bring a to reality longed for plans you’ve never quite got to. [Note to self: There seems a disproportionately high ratio of awesome folks called Leonie. *Sends virtual *mwah* to beautiful Leonies the world over*]

I can’t remember where I read it, but I agree that business and life planning is more like guesswork and parenting (see also: guesswork) than it is like say a spreadsheet or a static list. If you start off the year knowing what you intend, you can fine tune or even re-think the details along the way as things become clearer or evolve. Vision Boards are more of a light, a guiding hand-hold reminder of, “..is that what we wanted?”, “remember we thought we’d aim for this …” It’s a message from Now Selves to our During 2018 Selves.

Another activity I find valuable at the end/beginning of the year/s is writing and answering difficult questions. I’ve sourced my set from a variety of places, and you could write them for yourself if you’re good at creating insightful questions! It’s also useful to summarise yearly income and outgoings, ‘specially with a business and not a GoTo job, thought it’s good to have your head around money stuff, either way.

How I do it

I like to take the opportunity of the down time week between Xmas and New Year and spread out all the magazines I can lay my hands on, cut out way too many things that light me up – inspiring or relevant phrases, pictures of health and home, archetypal ‘me’ images I relate to, usually some pictures of well-lit fruit, and illustrations of happy people in fields with balloons or flowers.

Then I cull cull cull, down to the crux of what I want to hold in mind for the year as best as my creative dancing mind can hold. It works, though … when I look at my vision board now in October, it still makes me happy and reminds me of XmasNewYearMe’s goals, inspiration, intentions. I’ve make something I love to look at: a rainbow of colours, uplifting phrases, things I’m aiming for in my life, words that make me feel like I’m speaking and anchoring my truth. Paste it all on. It’s right there, and doesn’t talk, it shows, so it works quickly and is more accessible than say a hidden word document on your computer (though they’re useful for plenty of things, too).bolsters, blocks and other yoga equipment neatly stored under the OM sign and fairy lights

Adelaide Bold Souls, want to book in some accountability?

Have you been meaning to make a Vision Board for years, and never quite gotten around to it? Or want to make a start early, so that in December/January you simply add in your last sunny epiphanies and then you’re done? Or, gah, don’t want to make a beautiful in-progress mess for the cat to sleep and stretch all over, or get out AllTheEquipment and the good stuff gets taken by small loved people into different rooms not to be found for ages?

What if you could make a date now – paid, for extra accountability and with all materials provided – to get going on your 2018 Vision Board? You can expect to leave at the end of the session with your Vision Board in hand, if not finished then well and truly started. Go here to read more if you can get to Christies Beach, South Australia, on November 12 and it’s your cup of tea (oh yeah we’ll be having tea there), ‘cos Yaisa Nio (of Yoga Here and There) and I are putting just such an event on, combining our zones of genius to guide you along this process… yoga feet with a cool tat surrounded by colourful creating materials

We’ll have lovely colours, plentiful magazines to cut and paste, kindred spirits to keep you company or even to help you find that picture you’re after, good scissors and sticky glue. So it just works. Go here to book your spot.

tangerine meg showing her last years vision board

See you there? Technology permitting there’s a link below. If not, click this to go get your limited spot. The strictly limited spaces are almost half booked as of this writing.yaisa nio and tangerine meg looking at the camera with fairy lights in the background

These pics are from our practise run last week :) Salt Yoga is a gorgeous venue, right?

Even if you can’t or don’t want to do this Vision Board workshop with me and Yaisa – there are only 12 spots after all – post a picture of your Vision Board on my Facebook if you like. I’d love to see!

Talk soon,
Love Meg



PS My Studio Clearance artworks are getting quietly snaffled up by early bird kindred spirits. Click that link ^^^ if you want to check them out. Don’t wait and think it will be still there at the Murray Bridge makers market. Though I’d love to see you there too :)

PS2 Cat art calendars are back in stock! Custom Cats are nearly booked out for the year – one spot left. You can still get your October Print of the Month here.

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