Work in Progress: Sunny Afternoon watercolour painting

Hello lovely! I’m glad you’re here!
I hope you’re having a great week and month so far. May has thankfully brought rain to my area and turned the hills green. Dozens of nasturtium seeds waiting below the surface have sprouted up, which makes me appreciate the rain even more.

There’s a by-law here that houses must have a significant rainwater tank for each house – big enough to last as long as possible through the year. Knowing the tank is topping up each time there’s rainfall feels so wonderfully abundant!

This is a picture I completed last year on a sunny afternoon … sunshine fell onto a handful of nasturtiums in a nice old china jug.

I composed the flowers and china, including a non-matching cup, into an arrangement that I liked, and began to draw. Here’s the beginnings:

Notice in the next photo on the right, sweet Erick – my second to last Custom Cat from last year – peeping up.

I’m mad about nasturtiums, and I know lots of you dear readers are too, because you tell me! Mmmmm, the light behind the petals makes them glow.

If I sound surprised by the light and the glow in this painting, it’s because I am. Art is schooling me in all it’s possibilities! All the things they say art can do, it can do! The shining happiness brought by the sun is embedded in this painting!

But I’m imagining you already knew that… haha, perhaps I’m a slow study.

Did you know?

There is no white paint in watercolour painting! You either use extra water so the paper shows more through the translucent paint, or choose to leave an area white. I love that it takes discernment to leave areas white on a picture. It requires unhurried time to think it through, to decide what will work for what you’re after.


Russell Brand talking to Karamo from rebooted Queer Eye, on How to be a Loving Man. I listened in my podcast app, without video, but that link ^^^ is to the same chat on YouTube. Let me know if you enjoy it.

Have a great rest-of-the-week,
Meg x o



PS A friend bought the original Sunny Afternoon on the weekend – so glad it’s gone to a good home – but I thought I’d still share this The Making Of … Let me know if you’d like to see this painting as a print or cards! Check out my newly located online Gallery Shop here.

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