What does M-E-O-W mean?

A velvet black cat came to live with us last year and the more I get to know Mr.Inky, the more I appreciate his subtle intuitive kitty smartness!

hand lettering black on white saying MEOW, with a cat head for the O

What does that classic cat vocalisation that sounds like “meow” really mean, I wonder? I’d spell it  M-E-O-W [you too?] and it seems to be communication. But to communicate what?

What does M-E-O-W mean? [A Human’s Ponderings]

NOW: I’m desperately hungry [even though you just ate, kitty?], can I get some food, please?

pen drawing on white background of a vine-decorated cat sitting beside and empty cat food bowl

Or OW! Maybe the little fellow is uncomfortable in the belly. I’m learning to remain calm and let him go do what he needs to do [litter tray related, perhaps] and he seems to settle down after that!

I’m thirsty!

There’s a secretly-for-him-but-pretending-it’s-not cup of clean water on the stairs that I don’t draw Mr.Inky’s attention to – he seems to like that metal vessel rather than the plastic one near his food bowl. I read this article from Purrington Post about the dangers of cat dehydration, and one of the recommendations is to use china or metal bowls. The article says cats prefer not to drink from plastic bowls … plastics retain smells a bit and cats don’t like that when they drink. I’ve now changed the plastic drinking bowl in the kitchen over to ceramic, too.

Clean out my litter tray! Please.

Let me in or out the door? [I get that one, usually … ‘specially when Mr.Inky is situated right by the door – or halfway up the fly screen, claws engaged!]

It’s a lot like learning what different baby cries mean!

cat by door drawing, asking to go OWWT

I am worst at guessing

I am worst at guessing: when he wants to play with a cat toy (with me) or be lap snuggly. Part of why I’m writing this blog post is as a record of these less-pragmatic-more-quality-of-life cat wishes. Settle down, says he, and make me a lap to sit upon. It’s good for both of us! Sit DOO-OW-WN!

“You’re burning your food” / Something’s not right in the kitchen

Could Mr.Inky really have been telling me that I’d forgotten about something on the stove?

One particular day, I could not figure out what he was saying, but he seemed intent upon it. I mentally went through a list: food [done], litter tray [clean], etc … I’d been reading after dinner and left the stove unattended (and on) and I believe he was trying to alert me to this. I know that sounds like crazy cat lady talk, but I could find no other meaning to his keen meowing! #hessosmart #imclueless Thank goodness! Thanks, Mr.Inky!

pen drawing of a frying pan with food burning

What else?

On occasion, Mr.Inky seems to say “DOWN” from the top of the stairs, to encourage me to accompany him. Sometimes he scampers down really quickly, and I need watch him and my feet so I don’t trip over the little guy. #luckytohavestairs

cat at top of stairs saying DOWN

Sometimes even after his dinner is no doubt filling his belly comfortably, Mr.Inky will get really weav-y up in my grill if I’m still working on the computer – like he’s telling me it’s time to take a break! Quite right too :)

Learning to speak ‘cat’?

I found myself calling to Mr.Inky with a little “…purr-rooou…” [with rolled Rs]. I think ‘purrrooou’ is cat for namaste. Or, “Come here please, this’ll be fun!”

If Mr.Inky can understand English, I hope he thinks his name is “You’re the Best Cat Ever!”
I feel lucky to have Mr.Inky’s gentle, engaged company.

What does your cat meow for?

Tell us a story or give us some Cat Talk tips in the comments, below or on my Facebook page!

Talk soon,
Meg x o


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