SALA Festival draws to a close

Hello Lovely! The SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival has wrapped up, and the exhibition-my-artwork-was-part-of has been taken down. The exhibition “Flourishing Fleurieu” was really fun – a riot of lovely art and colour! I felt most welcomed by the community of artists and locals at my chosen home, the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The photo below was towards the end of the exhibition – late August – and was the first time all 8 of us – plus our intrepid curator – had been in the same spot!

The names of the fabulous Fleurieu artists shown above (L-R, front to back) are: Chris Olsen, Roe Gartelmann, Tracey Atkinson, Jenny Esots (curator), Thia Elliott,
Donna Chess, Denise Maddigan, yours truly, Lynn Chamberlain. Thank you to Trevor and Jenny for making this photo happen.

Also in SALA, on the second Sunday of August, we had a larger-than-usual Willunga Artisans and Market in the bigger venue next door. [Back to the usual hall the Saturday after next.] New friends and old were hugged and laughed with. Art went to good homes <3

Here’s a collage of my pictures that went to good homes during SALA:


Thank you for your support, South Australian bold souls! When you buy art from living artists, you not only support generalised “art” – which is a great thing to do in civilised society! – you support a living artist, a fellow human, to actually make a living. It’s a brilliant way to increase your own quality of life, too, with the artist’s heartfelt energy resonating in your home and giving you enjoyment every day…

Would art lessons add some goodness to your days?

We’ve a new block of lesson dates at the Fleurieu Arthouse starting this Thursday (October 3, 2019): our inaugural “Spring Sessions”. <<< Click that link to read more! Book in by tomorrow, Tuesday October 1, for the sweetest deal! We’d love to see you there! Put on your Frida earrings and bring a friend if you like – we want to meet more bold souls! If this is sustainable, I can continue to offer lessons moving forwards… We’re having a lovely time! Click this to read what current students are saying :)

What’s happening with you?

And what did you love at SALA? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below or on Facebook if you want to share!

Speak soon,
Meg x o


PS I’m in an exhibition at Gallery M celebrating 25 years of the The Red House group, from  4 – 27 October.

PS2 And in other news I’m doing a personal growth course disguised as Style School! Fun, self-reflection, learning and dress ups! :D

[later] PS3 Imagine my surprise and delight when I turned up on Flourishing Fleurieu launch day, to find a-kindred-spirit-I’d-not-met-yet wearing one of my Rainbow Lady t-shirts!

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