Picture 50 in my 100 Pictures Project – Past and Future Poppies

When are nature and art time machines? Oh, always…

Here’s a pic of a little of the magnificent blossomage of nature, this past Spring…

After the flowering season passed, I converted the then dry stems and leaves into mulch, and dropped the poppy seed pods into a spare jar.

Unlikely sounding (for me) though it is, I loved the look of the poppy pods in the jar – the softy colours and textures, the shadows and 3-dimensionality, and the great shapes! Stars, ridged roundness … and then all the tiny tiny seeds like punctuation full-stops (‘periods’, US bold friends). These dots >> …… <<

Click this to watch a minute of me dotting poppy seeds in.

My (almost print-like) ikea studio curtains bring bold lines to balance/play off the black poppy seed mass mostly at the bottom of the jar.

Mother Nature is so abundantly generous. Her past poppies make future poppies – thousands of seeds (future plants) from maybe dozens of flowers.

What’s going on for you?

How’s your start-of-the-year been? Mine transitioned smoothly from a two week tune up with Stasia into teaching art to a wonderful bunch of adults. Have you been following their achievements on social media? Here’s a catch up of the 2 weeks so far …

In the world, yes, there is shite happening. And, beauty is here too. To care for our nervous systems, practise noticing the beauty, dear bold babes. Talk soon.

Sending love, light and virtual hugs,
Meg x o



PS Bookings are no longer open for the Summer block of art classes, and the Autumn block is just about full. There are spots in the Winter, late Winter and Spring blocks. Want to join us? Click the art lesson picture or type in the link, or, click the Art Lessons link above in my website menu :)

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