Picture 49 in my 100 Pictures Project

Dear bold soul,
Much is amiss in the world and parts of Australia are on fire. I’m fortunate enough not to have been yet in a fire-affected area. There are however, neighbouring areas that need assistance, as a neighbour does from time to time.

After scrolling and scrolling on Facebook, thinking I was getting Informed-with-a-capital-I, I had to step away from the feed. Me feeling angry, horrified or hopeless doesn’t help me or anybody else. And thankfully, I’ve come through my initial disbelief and overwhelm at the situation, and pockets of where I can sustainably contribute are coming to light.

People are wonderful

I’m seeing after the first flurry of what’s-going-on-and-how-did-this-even-happen that a lot of capable caring people are providing resources and kindness for animals both human and otherwise. Many generous and resourced people are throwing money at the problem. And other practical and forward-looking people are talking and planning how we can do better, if when other big changes happen and action is needed. Folk are being blazing and quiet kinds of heroes.

Amongst all this – and right on the heels of the holiday season! – I open up my blogging window to create some goodness in a way that I’m able, by simply posting my next blog post. It’s this one, the next picture in my 100 Pictures Project. So, I was cross checking on my blog and back with my computer records to see where I’m up to and the next picture to introduce is number 49…

Lo and behold: I’d lettered/decorated Thich Nact Hahn’s words:

“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness”.

What synchronicity…

Our separation/differentness really is surface-level, isn’t it? Whatever you think of what someone says or how they behave and why don’t they do things more like me, there’s a power in a big life-threatening event to quickly have us prioritise life, humanity, the environment and kindness. We are essentially the same. Seems like. [And can we try to be at this point without a big life-threatening event?]

Hand lettered quote

In the pic above: I re-drew the cutie pie lower case ‘a’ (shown bigger) because I made a spelling error initially when doing the lettering / drawing! Oops, ‘seperateness’ I first thought. You can see the first ‘a’ in separateness is where I photoshopped in the new ‘a’ with the little fan shells and flowers!

Did you know, you can purchase selected pieces of my art as colouring pages? See below – click the View Product button then use the drop down menu to choose your favourites. For the rest of January I’ll match my own ongoing 10% donation to humanitarian aid via TPRF by sending another 10% of art sales to either Red Cross Australia (bushfire relief and recovery) or Container of Dreams (building tiny homes for bushfire victims).

On the topic of the Arts Contributing to [Society in General] and the Alleviation of Damage and Suffering, on January 11th, at Willunga Artisans and Handmade Market we had a penny tin at the door and collected $160.75 towards the Kangaroo Island Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Fund.

Can’t wait to show you my next Custom Cat… I’m working on a sweetie at the moment :)

Sending sparkles and kindness.
Meg :)



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