Pictures 52 and 53 in my 100 Pictures Project – Pears and Precious Pears

Hey beauties! The world has changed since I drafted this post! Some things are the same, and some are different…

Some things are the same

Here ^^^ are the next pics to introduce in my #100PicturesProject… At left a snippet of number 52, Pair of Pears, and at right a close up of number 53, Precious Pears, the latter of which sold in the Flourishing Fleurieu exhibition my work was in last August.

I read someone opine that something wonderful was as good as ” … the last bite of pear”. I can relate. I like pears. Even before my current low food chemical [amines and salicylates for those playing along at home] dietary plan, I notice I often included them in my still life paintings.

I don’t know why but I never get sick of creating still lifes, and still lives with pears. I think I almost have enough (ie. 12) to make an entire calendar of Still Lifes with Pears! Wouldn’t that be fun?! :D

Drawing and Painting Lessons

We had a brilliant block of lessons beginning in February. Here is some lovely in-person bold souls’ feedback:

M said I had a “… Relaxed approach. (With) No demand or expectation of perfection. Definitely these are great classes for overcoming fear of drawing and painting…”

S said “M(eg) is a natural teacher. She is clear and playful; accomplished and welcoming; and paces the classes perfectly!” 

S2 said “… informative, relaxing, challenging, creative …”

Thank you, bold souls! Now, let’s talk about how…

 … some things are different!

The corona virus COVID-19 changes things for all of us. All. All of us on earth. We are all in this together.

Good news and bad news – some links…

I started collecting these links a few weeks ago. And again: everything has changed. And nothing has: we always were in this together, we just forgot for a while. We still need art and each other and our planet. And kindness. We still need kindness.

Here’s a 45 minute comprehensive read: Why you should quit the news, from Mark Manson…  Couldn’t agree more about keeping clear of info-tainment, the story cycle that ignites fear and division and a need to watch more and more breaking, updating, but never resolving tales. [Later: Times have shifted and we need to be in the basic loop right now. Maybe just check in once a day to be up to date. Please get your news and guidance from a reputable source.]

I love a Good News list! If you’re gonna be on-line, don’t quit the good news!  Thank you, Sister M for the link to this list of 99 Good News Stories from 2019 you Might Not Have Heard.

Here’s an interesting [familiar?] allegory/story for those of us who tend to take on everybody else’s stuff and not have any jolly boundaries or let anyone figure things out or do things for themselves: Girl in the Velcro Dress. And this follow on post fills out the story: The Girl in the Painted Dress. I’m so glad Heather Plett shares her insight!

A clear challenge/counter to the instruction/expectation to “Make eye contact” from bold soul Yenn Purkis, autism advocate and author. I can see how this is a thing. Eye contact is so much sometimes. I find my ability fluctuates with my anxiety levels.

If above here ^^^ is an instagram logo or a big blank box, click on it and it should take you to my instagram, where there’s a 24 second video of me painting petals :)

Stay Home and Make Art

If there’s something I try to prioritise generally, it’s Stay Home and Make Art! To do so feels productive and positive, and keeps me physically away from others. Turns out that Stay Home and Make Art is a perfect idea for these times!

The risk and challenge of holding Drawing and Painting lessons in-person is too high right now. So we’re postponing until things resolve. Which is nudging me to consider offering lessons online, sooner rather than later. Would you be interested in that?

By the way, when keeping your distance from others, instead of thinking of it as Social Isolation, you can think of it as Social Solidarity + Physical Isolation. Feels much better!

We’re all in this together. Wash your hands, dear heart! And have a great week!
Speak soon,
Meg :)




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