Pictures 54 and 55 in my 100 Pictures Project – Vase and Corella Feather on Sue’s Shawl, and a kitty drawing

I finished these pictures – numbers 54 and 55 – in the middle of 2019 [an eternity ago!] and am currently painting a commissioned Custom Cat kitty which is picture number 75.

Let’s use this in-betweeny, where-are-we-headed, and do-we-want-to-go-back-even time to catch up on some picture introducing… Catching up is needed!

This picture (close up shown at right of photo above, number 54 from my #100PicturesProject) contains very local ‘artefacts’…

  • In a part of the land that doesn’t do snow, large noisy swarms of white parrots – properly known as Small Corellas – drop a snow-like blanket of white feathers during the hot summers here in the Fleurieu Peninsula. That’s one of them in the pic.
  • What about “Sue’s Shawl” of the picture title? Sue previously had a shop nearby and has now moved it and herself to Queensland. I adore the cosy pinks and lively repetition of flames/leaves. [Side note: I’ve been favouring pink in paints, clothes, etc, since my father passed early in 2019 … Pink is soothing, isn’t it?]
  • This vase (just visible in the peek) is a favourite of mine given to me long ago. A gift from a friend with the same birthday, who was a neighbour at the time, and we’d gleefully wave and clearly mouth “Happy Birthday” when driving past each other. Haha, much as our non-contact-sport-greetings are in this time of history!

Here’s picture 55, the ‘viney’ cat of Appreciation, which started with a measured, patient black and white drawing. The fully coloured version is the May picture if you have one of my 2020 Cat calendars or the birthday one. [In fact, I’m close to ready to put together 2021 Calendars!  Stay tuned…]

By the way, I’ve been trialling Zoom (internet video connection) sessions and once we iron out initial wrinkles, I’m considering opening the limited-sized, in person, drawing and painting classes up to be larger sized (maybe simpler) classes [goodness willing and the creek don’t rise] … If you’re keen to do drawing lessons with me, message via either my Facebook page, or the Contact page of this very website, and I’ll let you know if and when…

I wish you so much well…
Love and hugs,
Meg in the time of Corona.
Bye, Corona.

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