Link Love from Lockdown – April 2020

In an interruption to our irregularly scheduled programming, here’s a listicle for when we’re locked down at home … and “going viral” is no longer a desirable state! [Instead of more introductions to the #100PicturesProject today…]

Though apart, we’re all in it together, co-operating by staying home to curb the rampant spread of COVID-19. In this situation, the ideas, projects and resources in these links have been helping me make sense of things, be interactive in a positive way & uplifted, hopeful and active. Hope some may be of interest to you :)

  1. I’m enjoying these short, daily Lockdown chats from Prem Rawat. A great way to start the day, they keep my heart buoyant and my feet on the ground. Here’s a trailer to see if it’s your kind of thing...
  2. Bollywood dance classes – I like Fusion Beats… I’d been to in-real-life classes before the physical distancing came into play, and Francesca’s lovely teaching translates well to the screen. They offer both real-time classes and follow along sequences. I’m enjoying this physical fun at home, though have discovered I’ve another weakness: remembering & following a series of physical movements! Haha. Oh well :)
  3. I like this article by Tara Schultz, who asserts “Having higher welfare means people can afford to pay rent, stay healthy and get back on their feet, and into the workforce.” This pandemic and subsequent job losses means as a society we’re seeing on a bigger scale than ever that we need to take care of all of us. It was true before. It’s true still. Perhaps moving forwards we can even think about the option of an all-the-time Universal Basic Income! This site answers common questions about the UBI.
  4. While you’re at home, want to join my new art project, launched from lockdown? It’s pretty simple… Click this link >> Collective Heart Project 2020 << to check it out, and reach out a creative virtual hand to others :) I hope you join in!
  5. Austin Kleon on staying home and making stuff, in this article ‘zines’ (little magazines).
  6. EcoLateral keeping going amidst the changes… Go, Jamie! [I hope she has time soon for us to interview her :) ] On socials, she brought a new concept re toilet paper alternatives: these could be used for toilet paper for number ones so you could save your loo paper for twos! Great concept-splosion, there … for me, anyway!
  7. Other ways democracy could be done! Osher Günsberg talks to Iain Walker, executive director of the newDemocracy foundation. Fascinating. Full disclosure: As of this writing, I’m about half way through.
  8. How good and generous are permaculture people? Nadja from Nadja’s Garden has a free book download. David Holmgren has a RetroSuburbia book launch/offer coming up.
  9. These amazing women do mountain climbing in full skirts. Made my day.
  10. ABC News – you know my general policy is pretty much avoid the news (I shared a link to someone else with that viewpoint in this post) … At this time, I figure the National Broadcaster for say 10-15 minutes at day is a balanced personal policy!

A few people are thinking ahead and reminding us that who we support now, is who we’re gonna have at the other end (undefinable as that end currently is). I dearly hope we learn enough and are too smart go back to Business As Usual!

Hope you got something out of my listicle, even a smile :)

See you soon, sunshine!
Meg x o

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