Collective Heart Project 2020

I’m creating a Love-and-Kindness-Amongst-Humans Collective Art Project! Want to join in?

Short (the kids are simmering) Version:

Create a heart shape with found objects from around you. Take a (square please) photo and send it to me. At the end of April, I’ll make a video with all the hearts… Join us?

Full (I have all the time) Version:

Along the way we somehow forgot that we’re all here together.

The corona virus pandemic is currently requiring us to ‘self isolate’, to keep alive and well as best we can. While we co-operate by staying home to keep ourselves and each other safe, it’s timely to allow the reality of our interconnectedness sink in … and connect in a virtual way with our real hearts.

If you’ve lost someone, my heart aches for you. I’m beyond sorry. I’m not brushing away the horrible seriousness of this situation. Rather, I’m contributing in a way that I’m able, offering beauty, creativity, solidarity …  To hopefully uplift and connect at this extraordinary time.

Art, love and kindness

Love, kindness and connection are ‘feeling words’, it’s true. And they’re words of action: words that need putting into practise to gain their true substance.

Perhaps you’ve been checking in (from 1.5m) on an isolated neighbour. Or getting a friend’s groceries. Or even giving some spare toilet paper … That’s kindness in action.

We can uplift when we contribute beauty, too.

I’m getting a sense that in this time of lockdown we’re starting to consider our actions, remembering to contribute to the world in which we want to live… maybe even reverting to a kinder, less rushed, community-aware situation.

The Collective Heart Project 2020

I’d like to collect lots of created hearts. Heart imagery makes me smile. You too? Check out my (Groove is in the) Heart Pinterest board. But then come back :) We’ve got a video to make, something like my #HappyToBeHereProject video from 2016.

Unlike last time, we’ll share solidarity without getting together in person! We’ll reach out with our hearts across the world via YouTube. [Isn’t it amazing how we communicate right now? We’re really alive at an amazing time in history.]

I’d love you to help envision our planet-wide network of human hearts too …

Let’s make art together from lockdown.

How to join in (aka. instructions):

  1. Arrange items you’ve found into the shape of a heart, on a flat surface
  2. Take a square photo. One entry per person please.
  3. Send me the photo in whichever of these 3 ways is easy for you:
      • Email -if you’re on my mailing list [get on there, dear heart!] you can simply hit reply to one of the eNews emails and attach your heart picture
      • Facebook – Send your heart picture in a message to my art page
      • Instagram – Post your picture and tag it with #collectiveheartproject2020 and also tag me @tangerinemeg so I can find it readily! (Or message it to me on IG)

If you send me the photo, &/or tag it, I’ll take it you want it to be included in the project/video. If not, simply don’t send/tag it!

Extra lucky with this ^^^ example picture. I had cashews to eat! #fortunate

I’ll put them together

I’ll either collate the pictures into a slide show video, or maybe my video editor friend will put it together. Then share the video – fun!

I’m messaging Ben Lee to ask for permission to run his “All in this Together” song in the background. Wish me luck!
We might even submit our video to PeaceCastTV – Making Peace Visible. They show uplifting, relevant content.

Sound like community-spirited, creative fun to you? Join the Collective Heart Project 2020 by sending me a heart picture by April 30, 2020!