Picture 62 in my 100 Pictures Project: Adam Cat

Did you know that I create custom cat portraits? I’m booked out for this year, but if they sound intriguing to you, read more here, and message me to get on the wait list for 2022.

I mention this because I’m slowly wending my way through a long-term 100 Pictures Project and this custom cat portrait is number 62. (IRL I’m up to picture 90 cos I’ve been working hard, but blogging reportage has yet to catch up…)

Here’s Adam.

I’ve been wanting to create pictures of more ‘breed’ cats, but it takes a while when I’m naturally accompanied by a delightful moggie.

Adam’s human asked me at a Cat show “… what about a Devon Rex?” And here is her elfy beauty, Adam, surrounded by Devon and UK wildflowers and patterns thereof …

What else is going on?

  1. Bookings are now open for my June Art Lessons! I released them first to my mailing list (get on that BTW) and spots have started to be taken up already.
    A recent student said:
    “Definitely these are great classes for ovecoming fear of drawing and painting” due to the “… relaxed approach. No demand or expectation of perfection”. I’m SO glad they got that out of the sessions.
    Another said she’d recommend the classes, they are “suitable for complete beginners as well as someone with a bit of experience.” Click this to read more and book!
  2. Exhibition approaching: My first second exhibition of 2021 is in June. I’m so excited to be working with a brilliant local jeweller – we’re readying our artwork for a light-filled Adelaide venue. Get on my mailing list to hear the details first, in my May newsletter! If you can’t make it to Adelaide in June, there will be some components available by mail order :)
  3. I now have created enough new pictures (12) for a the next round of calendars! The cals will be for the year 2022 – yikes! Way. Too. Early. To. Speak. Of. It’s only May, but good news all the same, right? Also true: it’s already May.
  4. I’m enjoying re-reading Glennon Doyle (Untamed if you’re playing along at home) and Martha Beck. I like to read Finding Your Way in a Wild New World once a year if humanly possible. I’m a late comer to discover Women Who Run with the Wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estes) and getting a lot out of the archetypal stories.
  5. I still watch TV, and also have just let Netflix go for a while, in a flurry of tight-arse-Tuesday-ing. On Free-to-Air, I’ve been enjoying Dr Who – I have a lot of fave episodes it turns out, mostly relating to art and forests. What’s going on with the time slot though, ABCPlus? It’s been 8pm weeknights for a couple months and this past week it quickly moved later and later until it started at my (important-to-me) bedtime. So sad I missed it. I’ve just done an internet search, and it looks like it might be a bit earlier again so I can again keep up with regenerations, aliens, villains and companions!
  6. What is it with life and feelings? It seems like feelings are our navigation and our anchor, our balance and our trueness indicator. Surprisingly, with life generally playing out, a funeral and misunderstandings it’s been a cathartic, exhausting, and centring few weeks! Laughing and crying brings me back to feeling human and vulnerable and not in control at.all. Did you know this is how we move through our human life? Was there a memo? I feel like I did not receive it.

What’s happening with you? What’s your lockdown status? What have you learned about yourself? What are you reading/watching/enjoying? Are you a Whovian? Are you doing ok?

Love and Peace,
Meg x o

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