Flowers, Frida, Beads and Birds … bumped in!

Greetings, dear hearts :)

Julie Frahm and I have been conspiring, planning & creating for months to make our window exhibition happen. On Sunday we set up the display … Here we are! We did it!

The wall of colourful goodness is open now at T’Arts Collective for your perusal and delight.

Can you believe: Our names are on the window! [Haha, we hadn’t yet put away the ladder when I took this photo!]

That’s the display, through the glass (lightly). Wait ’til you see it, there’s just happiness-inducing levels of light in this venue – a great ambiance for our enthusiastic colours.

Small details: open hours 10-5 everyday ’til June 26, except Sunday and the public holiday Monday. Click this for my info page for our FLOW(ER) exhibition.
More about our three creative challenges soon…

Be well,
Meg x o


PS if you’re thinking to come to art lessons in June, book in now, we start Thursday!

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