Did Kandinsky have a Cat?

For Julie Frahm’s and my current jewellery and painting exhibition FLOW(ER), we set ourselves three challenges (more on those here) to both respond to in our own way. Click this link to see the first, a Kandinsky painting

I did some sketching and came up with a few initial ideas, and then got to this one…

Snippet from Tangerine Meg's sketch book. Black and white lettering and a drawing of a resting cat with fabric folds beneath it. The hand-lettering is a self-discussion of the building of a cat painting composition with circles as a motif.

… I got the essence of my graphic-y musings (mew-sings?) here in this my first response to the challenge, Wassily Playing.

So, did Wassily Kandinsky have a cat? It turns out he did. And it’s name was Vaske.
From the article: “Vaske was photographed with Kandinsky in a garden on at least one occasion and the two seemed to share a special bond. The robust orange and white cat was no doubt the inspiration behind Kandinsky’s masterpieces.”

How brilliantly coincidental that Mr Kandinsky’s real cat was reputed to be a “…robust orange and white cat”, cos my second Kandinsky-inspired cat piece, Kandinsky’s Dream, coincidentally features just one such character!

We hope you can get to our FLOW(ER) exhibition before June 26 (open everyday except Sundays) – it’s a chill-of-Winter-challenging experience seeing our heartwarming colours in real life! People who have been are saying our work is great together! :D

Speak soon!
Meg x o

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