Breathing (of fire) and Running (of fun)

Greetings me hearties! (Hope you enjoyed Talk Like a Pirate Day on Friday, now I’m going to move on),

How awesome that breathing fire is a learnable skill!
The first session I had 3 goes. The first one was not much. I went on a bit long for the middle one, so it came back at me a little. The last one apparently looked pretty good.
It has been videod but I have yet to see that. One has no sense of how it’s looking when one is doing it (I may have shut my eyes too). When the flame came back at me I just felt a little heat, apparently I was on fire a tiny bit and I subsequently discovered the left half of the peachy fuzz has been singed off my face – wondered what that smell was that wasn’t going away! The second session was good too, with a duo Fire Ball Spit as finale.

The FunRun. It’s the City/Bay Fun Run, but I do the half. Kmart/Bay doesn’t quite have the same ring really! I like the sound of hundreds of other shoes along with my own going “plap plap” softly, rhythmically on the pavement. I like the physical process unfolding: the warm up (first k), then getting into the groove, and then the numb-legged sprint at the finish line. I also like the sense of camraderie intrinsic to the community-event-ness  of the occasion. I could let you know my time after Tuesday if you like. I will even admit to being a  hoarder of tiny safety-pins (I collect them during the year to pin the four corners of the race number to my t-shirt).

Have a good start to the week, I wish you well,

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