Ships log from the briney journey

Heave ho, and Avast, me on-line friends! and welcome to Talk like a Pirate Day.

I just read a beautiful little free eBook: A Human’s Guide to Freelance Living. There are TONS of short (parrot-free) memorable quotes; here’s a nice clear warning, on not worrying about competitors:

You can only follow someone so long. Then they stop suddenly and you run into them,
pushing your nose up into your brain and killing you.

Good one, Charlie Pabst! This eBook is good life information for all.

I did my larrrrrrst pre-FunRun-run today, and tried to run a bit farrrrster than usual. Tomorrow a big bike  ride (cross training), then the 6k (3.73miles) FunRun is on Sunday, nearly down to the ocean. Wish me luck!

And I think I just ordered a unicycle on-line. (Not completely sure that the payment worked…we’ll see). Should be fun balancing on the deck of the ship.

Didn’t see the ducklings this morning. They must be grown-up enough to venture further afield than the pond. Wow, already!

Have a good weekend both landlubbers and seafolk,
Meg/Calico Bess Bonney

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