New fruit trees better than a puppy!

Hello dear readers,

I am chuffed to report that yesterday another pair of fruit trees (not pears) was planted in my garden. The spot had been enriched with bokashi compost 2 and 6 weeks ago. The trees are a medium-late apricot (a Trevatt) and an All-In-One compact (3-3.5m) self-pollinating Almond. Nature obliged us with some lovely rain overnight and today to help water them in. I was surprised how pleased I was to have the new additions!

The existing apricot, plum and peaches are blossoming, but the blustery wind is blowing the petals off a bit. Hope that bees and fruit can manage.

I am hopeful that we will get tons of Youngberries this year, I believe I have pruned at the right stage; the new growth is abundant and vigorous, but I am still waiting to see buds. The grape vine looks happy that Spring is here, too.

Take care of yourselves,

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