Note to self: Use the word unbenownst

Dear hale and hearty chummies! (That thar sounded a little piratey)

My peach tree had been manifesting – ever since blossom time last spring – 3 dear peaches, hiding them under it’s leaf coverage, and unbenownst to me until yesterday. What at clever tree!

Bruise update: Bruise is progressing through the rainbow colours and stages slowly but surely. Am convinced that the arnica cream is mitigating the situation. I won’t be photographing those dear knees for a blog picture!
Stilt walking update: Baby steps without holding hand or edges. I am proud of that. Now I just need to lift my knees up higher, take slightly bigger steps (toddler or pre-schooler steps?) and match the steps with arm swings.

Lots of good things to you,

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