Warming warning

Warm greetings from my warm abode to your warm heart,

Just went for a 1/3 walk, 2/3 run. Nobody else about. Sun beating down. Third day of VERY HOT here.

We had a power black out on Tuesday night. Lay around on the floor to keep cool.

Yesterday the train tracks buckled with the heat and the Train Service put on free shuttle buses and bottles of water to drink to get everyone home. I find it quite sobering to think that this is what a usual day could be if we don’t modify this global warming thing and plan for adaptation. And yet people still run their air conditioners pulling all that power! And design houses badly. That makes me crazy.

I went for a beautiful swim in the cold ocean last night.

Woke up hot again.

Warm regards (that’s the only kind I got right now!),

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