Creating a garden

Greetings, Dearhearts!

This artwork is about 840 mm wide by 891 mm high and it opens out like a big road map (you can just see where the folds go). The goodness of a Community Garden will also unfold, getting bigger and more developed than it was ever first imagined. The drawing surprised me like that too – I kept sticking more paper on as the tree needed more leaves and size and story areas!

Some neighbours and I would like to start a community garden and were applying for a grant that called for creative entries. This is the drawing I made to try to show how our garden would impact the community. We did not actually win that grant, but were highly commended and received a prize – some handy tools. Hooray!

It looks like we now have some land on which we can start to build raised garden beds. There’s plenty of adjacent roofing to collect rainwater and space for humungous water tanks, too. It’s not the land we first had our eyes on but might even have more going for it.

As well as the wonderful food and community, I anticipate lots of scope for art… Like maybe flags, junk sculptures or some kind of fence or archway decoration. Would you like me to blog about this as it progresses?

Have an excellent week,
Meg x o

2 thoughts on “Creating a garden”

  1. Hi Heather!
    The picture was done with a felt-tip marker from the newsagency and is totally not waterproof :/
    Will have to let you know when we have something built and planted. It’s getting exciting.

  2. love the it pen and ink? And looks like your wishes are coming true..would love to visit the community garden! <3

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