Don't it make my grey shelf re-ed :)

Hello Petals!

I hope you had a divine week :)

My weekend entailed some long awaited, badly needed and still not completed clearing out of rooms, moving of stuff-stacks and rearranging of furniture. It was a challenge to not inhale too much dust, or get mopey for too long about my very own Olden Days (photos were unearthed!) … Still going. I know it’s getting easier when I start with “Now, what can I throw out?”

I bought this shelf (’twas raw pine at the time) after my first solo exhibition many years ago. Patiently waiting for glamorising since then, it sported a spattering of blue dry-brush strokes for a good long time. Here it is with the second undercoat. I could barely stand it being grey overnight, but it needed to dry properly! Here it is. Hardly look at it :)

The very next day – Oh happy day! – I painted 2 coats of fabulous “Wineberry” red, and covered up all that grey! It brings new spice and warmth to my disassembled and not yet fully reassembled studio/office space. Here is “Orange Cat” inspecting my work:

He seemed well enough pleased, though I imagine paint must smell extra awful to a creature with his heightened catty sense of smell.

In other news, I now have a subscribable mailing list! Hooray! (I know it’s hard to even think of anything else after all the excitement about the shelf.) If you go on the list as a Friend of Tangerine Meg you’ll get first notification when I have new artwork! Do you want to subscribe? You can click in the link there in that sentence or there’s also a link in the right hand column > > > towards the top ^ ^ ^

What changes have you made that have brought colour, order or joy back into your space?

Wishing you love and light,
Meg x o


Don't it make my grey shelf re-ed :) — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Meg love the colour, so Warm and vibrant yet not yelling at you red
    looking forward to some bright blue sky days with sunshine

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