Live Bold List 19: Wear red shoes and other ways to be a grown up girl

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are super well. And happy. Happy like a soaring bird in the warm sky :)

This is my neighbour. She doesn’t usually wear bare feet – that’s artistic license! I drop in and visit her – it’s the community minded thing to do – yet I seem to get so much out of it, maybe more than she does! She is very understanding, has a sound perspective and a wicked sense of humour. Totally present. Always I leave with a light heart.

Which brings me to yet more thoughts on getting older, yet keeping in touch with our inner child.

Live Bold List 19a: Grown up enough to wear red shoes
Things that I love, understandings that have come with time, worded without excuses. I am grown up enough to:

  1. … wear comfortable, expensive shoes for every day. Dammit! They are well made, and shaped like my foot too! Each step of the day I know that my ankles, knees, hips and spine are in a natural alignment. Sweeeeet. (If you read these: Hello my old friend, sister C, we may have to agree to disagree on this one!)
  2. … have my own grown up chest of drawers: blue, and with 8 drawers. This is the first set I have ever bought for myself with my own money (and I’m in my 40s). I used a screwdriver, hammer and allen key and assembled the whole thing myself. The drawers run very smoothly, the colour is lovely and it’s big enough, the things that it’s not big enough for I need to re-think.
  3. … not allow the fabulous Facebook to suck all the time out of my day. Or all the day out of my time.
  4. … have compassion for others. Seems to be a total gift of my 40s – not sure where it came from – don’t think I did anything to earn that! Maybe just lived through some stuff?
  5. … delectably adore babies and not want one for my very self.
  6. … have ease of schedule enough to use public transport, at least some of the time.
  7. … enjoy the rest between the yoga poses. That’s when all the good is taken up by the body.
  8. … honour my dietary needs, even when this appears to be the anti-social option :(

Live Bold List 19b: In touch with my inner 11-year old enough to:

  1. … wear red shoes. Those comfy shoes I mentioned? They can be red or have flowers or buckles or purple laces or be worn with stripey socks :)
  2. …be gleeful about the surprise I am making you. Utterly excited. I can’t wait to finish your present. And I nervously, dearly hope you like it! Can’t wait! Soon. Soon.
  3. … look forward to parcels in the mail. I love to order things from people on the net, and hope that others like to order mine! It’s so fun getting a real parcel in the real mail from a real person who made a real thing. Really :)
  4. … enjoy running and playing and handstands. Handstands, I have to get a photo. I think I can do one on purpose. Almost. I couldn’t do this as a child. It’s all adult learnt. I feel such a sense of accomplishment. ‘Old’ dogs can indeed learn new tricks! I should get a tshirt of that ;)
  5. … enjoy the sensation of body movement at yoga class. Aligning. Stretching. Trying. Breathing into owch and stuck. Releasing. Stretching.
  6. … enjoy my dietary needs. When I was 11 did I eat things I did not like? I don’t think so, not too often, anyway. Putting yummy nourishment into our bodies is a great way to be kind to ourselves.
  7. … have a pink fringe (not that I did as a child, but one must go through these phases at some point!)

What are you old or grown up enough to do, and young enough?

I am going to go keep making your present.
Take care of yourselves, lovelies,
Meg x o

2 thoughts on “Live Bold List 19: Wear red shoes and other ways to be a grown up girl”

  1. Wear stiped socks and purple shoes – hubby bought them for me last xmas! and carry a purple purse – and realize for the first time in all my very many years: my shoes and purse match. =]

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