The bad news turns into good news

Greetings bold souls!

I hope this finds you well and contented :)

I remember watching Bill Mollison years ago, probably on a TV show. He’s one of the founders of Permaculture, purveyors of “protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless action” in the garden and the world. In the video he was mulching a garden thickly with newspaper, saying that it would soon break down into earth with the help of worms and weather, and that this was how you turned “bad news into good news”.

Todays bad news? The printing press I am usually lucky enough to be able to use is completely out of action for now. What could be good about that? Lo and behold! Instead of feeding the lino and paper through the press to apply pressure I used the wooden spoon you see in the above photo to ‘burnish’ the paper down onto the block and thus transfer the ink. Techy stuff, huh?

This went so much more successfully than my prior attempts! I am sure my practice at circus training and yoga gave me a bit of extra strength and stamina. Mind you, the printing press certainly takes strength of a different kind.

I am making you a present!! I had to crop that photo as there was maybe a little clue showing, and I want it to be a surprise. Just know I am way way excited about it and I will upload here when it is ready. Stay tuned, dearhearts :)

I must give a shout-out to Fabeku at Sankofa Song (that link goes to the music I bought, he also has free stuff if you want a sampler) as I was listening to his magical CD while I did this printing today. Hello, and Thank-you!

Go check out Threepeats Jewelry on etsy. My order, some earrings, arrived a day or two ago. They’re ‘vintage materials/modern design’, and I am liking them a lot :)

For you patient souls following the blossom blog side of things, there are further developments:

The ‘late’ apricot is flowering. You can see the first of the leaves sprouting too. Gee, that beige-y fence in the background is an argument for a can of spray paint if ever I saw one :)

I had a different post almost ready to send you, so that will be for next time. I hope you enjoyed this up-to-the-moment art-and-garden-is-being-made news! :)

Take care of yourselves, Soulful Boldsoul from Boldsville! Be emboldened and golden!
Love Meg x o

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