More on the white (and pink) flowers

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you’re having a happy, calm and flowy day.

This is a massively scrolly post, hope you don’t mind rolling down to see all the blossom photos I took! I’d love to celebrate the budding of Spring.

This picture I took at the same time as the almond blossom picture of the last post.

Today, only a couple of days later, I did a quick garden whip-around just before dusk. Oh how I love my digital camera! Much has ‘developed’ (haha, old days film photography joke) …

The buds in the top picture are now opened into blossoms of plum like these (they’re not the exact same ones – you can see it’s a different bit of branch). There are dozens and dozens and dozens! Mouthwatering plums in the making. Drool. The thing at the bottom is a non-bouncy basketball lying dead at the foot of the tree. There are almost a dozen of them too! I kid you not :) …I’ll show you one day.

This slightly pinker flower is on the ‘early’ apricot tree. Love those almost red thingys too – are they the bracts?

This even deeper coloured flower is on either our peacharine or nectarine. They were a perfect wedding present, and are both blossoming, having been in the ground less than a year (wedding anniversary next month!).

Little flame buds and bursting white flowers of jasmine herald Spring for me even though we are still having some rainy days. Inhaling that scent takes me somewhere (or maybe sometime) else. Did you know that our sense of smell actually bypasses our thought processes and can take us direct to a memory in our brain? Not sure why that photo is kind of foggy but I like it.

The loquat of course blossomed weeks ago! She has a healthy crop of baby fruit now.

Oh good! I remembered the white pea flowers. Aren’t they lovely? Don’t you heart that tiny spiralling tendril? Homegrown peas shouldn’t even have the same word for them as frozen ones, really, should they?

After all that Springy blooming wonderfulness I have a yucky confession (don’t worry, it ends up ok). I entered yoga class this morning in a weird, jealous headspace; I’d been worrying about something ridiculous. As I listened to my instructor’s voice and let go of my thoughts and opened up my chest and my heart to only the present, I noticed the knotted feeling palpably evaporate. I contined on to do the yoga exercises to the best of my ability. Tell me if you think this is a sign… I promise it’s true… As I was doing my best to keep up with a ‘salute to the sun’ sequence the sun shone in through the window on to my face. I smiled and was happily me once again.

Did I mention that my word of the year is “blossom”? Many little hints and stories are cropping up to help me learn to open my heart more to light, to the sun, to beauty, to kindness and to abundance. Like the scent of freshly opened jasmine flowers. Like yoga – there is more to this than meets the eye – I suspect more insight will follow as I practice more regularly. Like making art as best I can and making it available, knowing that the right people will find pleasure and meaning in it.

To do: Purchase a fabulous fruit dryer before this abundance of fruit comes, it might well arrive all at once! Also, new artwork is on the way! And new pages on this site! Very exciting :)

Whichever way the season is changing where you are, I hope it brings for you ease and fullness.

Tons of love,
Meg x o

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