Live Bold List 18: Sunshine, women, white flowers and courage

Good morning, Dearhearts!

It’s about jolly time for a Live Bold List and the motif that has been brushing up against my leg asking for cat food is “White Flowers”. It doesn’t sound colourful enough for me to do white, does it? But if you look at colour theory white is either all colours or no colours, depending on whether you are doing light or paint. For this I am doing light. Hence: all colours :)


Live Bold List 18: Sunshine, women, white flowers and courage

  1. Sunshine, Music. This song came via Facebook this morning. If you are like me, you will be dancing with the groove before it’s even played through one time. I even decided to preorder the album on iTunes :)
  2. Sunshine, Yoga. I went to an Ayurvedic doctor. Of his many and varied suggestions one was to do the yoga sequence “Salute to the Sun” each morning. For the first week I was clumsily trying to make what I could remember of the poses, trusting that behind the clouds was the warm sun. Almost on the first day of September, the sun was back. Warmth. Hope. Beautiful. I asked my yoga teacher about the sequence and now I have little pictures and it’s going much more smoothly :)
  3. Women, Facebook, world. Do you remember pen pals? I am finding that Facebook feels like the new pen pals, connecting far distant souls. I am pretty sure I now know everyone in the world. Hello everyone! And if we’re all friends we can do wonderful things. A special hello to the beautiful hearts who have clicked over from Joyful Girls!
  4. Women, Sunshine, world. I know it’s how the earth ‘n’ the solar system and everything works, but technology’s been helping highlight the cycles of nature. On the very day our Northern Hemisphere sisters were saying on Facebook they were getting some relief from the burn from their long hot Summer our hemisphere was perceptibly easing into Spring warmth.
  5. Women, being goddesses. Connect, ye internet and Facebook sisters! The Leonie formerly known as Goddess Leonie, Leonie Dawson, has many wonderful business and life learning offers, including a life and biz academy!
  6. White flowers. I couldn’t work out why I kept noticing white flowers lately. I am choosing to see them as a reminder of hope. The hope of Spring. In this particular case the potential for about 6 almonds in a few months. This tree is having its first season in ‘our’ ground. Aren’t those flowers exquisite?
  7. Woman, courage.
    I was just helping a friend with a website. She has a name that many other people on the web have. We decided the best way to differentiate was to simply be as herself as possible. I need to keep that lesson in mind too; for me that’s going to be sharing my pictures (breathe). I am setting up to sell my art from right here on my site – How exciting! – oh yes, and terrifying… What if they don’t, and what if they do, oh dear!
    Should I post one here as a baby step and an act of courage? With a ‘add to cart’ button? Here goes putting myself out there:


Click the picture to see in my Gallery Shop :) Patty K, you inspired me, I owe you $10.

By the way, men we love you too!

I hope you have enjoyed this rather random trip through my recent consciousness. Let me know what is happening for you either in the comments section below, or on Facebook.

Tons of love,
Meg x o



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