Achieving cool stuff over (insert number that you used to think was pretty old here)

Hi dearhearts!

You are wonderful and I’m very glad you’re here,

I read a great blog post this week, in which Blisschick talked about doing great things over, say, 40. I hardly have words to tell you how New and Improved my 40s have been for me so far! Getting married. Gaining confidence with circus skills; I am enjoying being stronger than I have ever been before. Making progress with my art and website. Kids achieving Drivers Licences etc. I certainly appreciate events and my achievements so much more than if they had come more easily or earlier. And while I am about it I must tip my hat to the power of persistence. Large (building a business) and tricky (learning to handstand) things can be done by simply keeping at them.

It is sometimes said that ‘age is just a state of mind’. If you don’t think about your age, and just go about your business as a human person, age doesn’t impact so much. That is often more easily said than done! Lucky for me I hang out with non-ageist people. My husband is 13 years younger than I and doesn’t care a mouses sneeze about the chronological gap.

Long ago I wonder if I ever imagined I could produce a printed calendar? I had certainly done homemade ones. I have this week set up a printed calendar… Would you like to see? The front cover looks like this:

Click on the link or the picture to have a look if you like, I will be here when you come back.

If you need a calendar for yourself or a gift for a bold friend – that also supports an artisan in small business – go for it! When you are ordering, you can actually choose which month is first. So if say, you knew someone with an October birthday, you could personalise the calendar for them and have the calendar printed from October 2010 to September 2011, instead of making them have to wait until January to use it! How neat! I love that about this ordering system.

Also if you have been visiting for a while you might remember that I went way out on a limb back in January, and stated that one of my aims for the year was to produce a calendar? I can happily tick that off the list. Wow…
I note that I have been making progress on some of the other intentions for the year:
7 Match up Art Card Shop to the rest of my site – done,
8 Spend more time making artwork – doing much better at this,
9 Speak up for earth more – just delivered 299 Walk Against Warming leaflets, and will hand out Greens voting cards on Saturday, just for an hour, and
10 Try to incorporate more kindness – again, ongoing, but happening.
I hadn’t looked at that list for a while and it’s heartening to see that some of the things are done and others are doable/in progress.

I hope you are having a happy day, and that the people around you appreciate you for being you. You are awesome. Remember that.
Much love,
Meg x o


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  1. I love the calendar!! I want one!!! Or two? or three? mmm yes, christmas shopping… I’ll get back to you. Great work Meg! And realising all your goals, great stuff! You are an inspiration!

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