Tshirt giveaway!

Greetings, delightful ones!

Welcome to the tshirt giveaway! You could win art on a tshirt for your bold, fantastically delightful self, or a fabulous friend!

Tshirt Give Away – the details

Want some Tangerine Meg colour-laden deliciousness to wear?

To score scrummy colourful goodness in the guise of a cotton Tshirt: Let some lovely friends know about my site, Choose your custom tshirt, and Leave me a comment below.

The comment must include:

  1. how many people you’ve told, and how you told them. You can:
    • use Twitter,
    • send a Facebook message or
    • an email or
    • share my Facebook Visual Artist page (use the blue ‘suggest to friends’ link under my picture on that page)
  2. the colour, size, tshirt style and picture you choose. Research this at my tshirt gallery, cos these are the details we’ll use for the tshirt if you win.

I will draw the lucky winner using a random number generator. For every person you let know, you get one chance to win. The more people you let know the more chances you have :)
Make sure your comment is linked to an email address, as I’ll need it to contact you to get your mailing details if you win so the shirt can be posted out!

By the way, when I say ‘style’ of tshirt I mean either: ‘Tshirt’ (unisex fit), v-neck (similar but with v-neckline), kids tshirt or girly cut. Sorry I’m not offering the long sleeve or the hoodie for the competition. Sorry Northern Hemisphere sisters! But never fear! Summer will arrive sooner than you think, and there’s always layering! Don’t you adore tshirts over long stripey sleeves when you need an extra layer? Mmmm.

If you want any more details about choosing tshirt sizes (such as: choose a size bigger in the ‘girly cut’) and so forth, you can check out the tshirt section of my FAQ.

Of course if you don’t want to leave the getting of your desired tshirt up to chance, you can buy yourself whatever you want, direct from my tshirt shop! Easy!

Thank you Sue for modelling your Rainbow Lady tshirt with me, and for your wonderful quote that’s in my Art Card shop! And thank you Mij for taking the photos of us :)

I wrote about how much I love art on my shirt earlier in the month. Thank you so much, Goddess Leonie for including that very post: 6 Ways Art on my tshirt makes me bold and happy in your Goddess Inspiration post So much beauty in the world. x o x o

Of course if you’re not a tshirt person and you don’t know anyone who is, you can still share my site using my new Facebook/sharing buttons below. I’ll be most grateful.

Have fun, and I’ll see you in the comments section.

Meg x o

12 thoughts on “Tshirt giveaway!”

  1. They are great funky t-shirts. I’d love the Hippy heart or the Henri peace designs in a med girly cut in purple. I have posted it to all 78 of my FB fiends and those not on FB (about another 5 or so)
    What a great idea to get your shirts out there.
    Keep your dreams alive

  2. Hello! What a generous and wonderful offer, thank you! I’ve shared your site on my Facebook page, with 158 friends. I would be honoured to wear a stripey cat on a pink, girly tee, XL. Thank you :)

  3. This is such a fantastic giveaway. Your work is beautiful. I’d love the rainbow circle woman on a white girly cut.
    I shared your link with 900 twitter followers.
    Love and blessings to you!

  4. Christina Matthewson

    hehe no problem at all – I was getting a bit confused searching for it :) I’m glad that it’s not there as I thought I might be loosing the plot :)

  5. i shared your link on twitter (i have over 1000 followers there) and on fb (670 there). your work deserves to be seen for sure!
    when you pick my name, i would like the rainbow lady XL v-neck style dark red. now that i’ve lost a bunch of weight, i need some new clothes. one of your tees would be awesome

  6. ?392 Friends on Facebook…Found your site thanks to my friend Yvette O’Dowd. I love the shirt with 3 butterflies (M)

  7. I shared this with 2,299 Facebook friends and would love a purple v neck with that lovely Rainbow lady in an XL when I win! You have my email. =]

  8. I have shared your facebook page to my 365 FB friends (one for every day of the year!)

    I would love a Leaves of Autumn on dark red t-shirt in an XL

  9. Ive posted this to my face book and am spreading the word at work – word of mouth is the best- so thats gotta be at least 200 people.

    I d love the stripey peace design on Black I think xxl
    love to you miss Meg xx

  10. Christina Matthewson

    I have shared a link to your awesome giveaway on my FB page – I’m not sure how to suggest to friends as I can’t see the link on your page :( I’ve got 124 FB friends so hopefully they all see my post :)

    Oh my almost 5yr old boy just LOVES butterflies AND rainbows :) and it is pretty much impossible to get a boy’s butterfly (or rainbow) tee.

    He would look super cool in a Grey butterfly tee size 6 :)

    1. I might be leading you up the garden path there, Christina….
      There is of course one on my view as I am the admin, but I’ve have just gone to look at a friend’s page that I ‘liked’ and can’t see a ‘share with friends’ link! Oops!
      What you’ve done is a good alternative: sharing the link on your FB page. Thanks for letting me know!

  11. Dearest one, how lovely to have another reason to share your wonderful work with people! I posted the link on my Facebook page – so that’s … 1190 people!!!!

    I would love to add a purple Hippy Heart in large to my tshirt collection, so my orange Rainbow Lady doesn’t feel alone.

    I am also going to post this on my blog, so that is another 100 or so followers :)

    I hope you grow your business beautifully :)

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