Strawberry story

Hi beautiful ones…

Hope this finds you fabulous, well and contented.

We have a winner in my tshirt giveaway – hooray! Tammy won! I am really excited about that and will email you to arrange everything, Tammy :)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and helped me tell a whole heap of lovely people about my artwork. Thank you SO MUCH x o

I am sad you couldn’t all win :(

(delightedly) Helloooo! to the kindred spirits who’ve joined as ‘likers’ on Facebook, or signed up to these blog posts by RSS feed or email. Welcome, gorgeouses! Hm, don’t you wish the Liker button was a Kindred Spirit button? I do!

Here’s todays episode of Strawberry Story:

A friend gave me this awesome pink metal bowl for Christmas which inspired me to paint it in a picture  – with juicy red strawberries.

The first punnet of strawberries, from the Farmers Market were HUGE (see above)!

The drawing got going – that’s my dip pen in the photo, there. I got as far as starting the painting stage but didn’t like the way the colour of the strawberry paint was coming out flat looking. I haven’t shown that (I don’t think I was inspired to record it at that point!)

The second lot of strawberries were LITTLE! (This is starting to sound like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears). This picture worked out pretty well except for just as it was nearly finished I (and my husband) judged the background to be distracting.

The third lot of strawberries were ALSO LITTLE. (Oh and let’s hope they are also JUST RIGHT, even though I love eating the props). Remember you can turn your paper around, that way you can more easily keep your drawing hand clear of the wet ink or paint.

The more versions I make the simpler the decoration gets.

Here’s a shot taken with the beginnings of the colour as the sun was growing longer before disappearing.

This work in progress remains in progress as we speak. The sun has finished setting hence the light has gone for painting. Yes I do have electric lights in my house, but they aren’t the same clean light as the sun! You know how it is when you take a photo indoors with just indoor lighting and it comes out with a yellowish cast?

Are you guys liking hearing about my art work progress? Let me know in the comments below, or on my Tangerine Meg Facebook Visual Artist page :)

Now, let’s think what I can have for a give away next…
*schemes willfully*
Something to do with Mother’s Day?
I’ll get back to you :)
Love Meg x o

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