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Last time, I was telling you about the intricacies of working up to a final strawberry picture. After eating some of the props and composting others (sitting in the bowl for hours on end in the heat was just too much for some of these ripening beauties!) here are the joyous painted results. Introducing…

Pink Bowl and Strawberries

One of a kind watercolour

Strawberries are very special fruits. Besides the divine smell as they ripen and the sweet juicy tanginess, it’s all about the intense reds! And what better way to amp up those reds than with rainbowy bold florals and stripes? Adorn your abode with zingy colour (and help a terrific charity at the same time, see below).

Add to Cart Pink Bowl and Strawberries $375

I know it’s not the most fascinating bit, but note well, the Image size is 23 cm wide x 32.5 cm high


One of a kind watercolour

A gleeful shot of colour to remind you always of one of  summers great joys :)

Add to Cart Strawberries $115 (comes signed)

Image size 12.5 cm wide x 14 cm high – Note well as those dimensions are unusual for me.

The above are ONE OFF items.

The only one that has multiples is the greeting card of Pink bowl and strawberries, you can order as many as you like of those, using this button:
Add to Cart $5 Pink bowl and strawberries – greeting card

I’ve been somewhat worried about the news lately, I imagine you have, too. So many people being hit with the consequences of the wild forces of nature. So I’ve decided to donate half of my income from these strawberry paintings (including greeting cards) to a charity that does great work: TPRF. I would be glad to know that my art could help others, and I’m sure you’d like to support humanitarian aid while getting peppy art for yourself :)

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I wish you an utterly wonderful rest of your day :)
Tons of love,
Meg x o

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