Live Bold List 22: 6 Lessons from cats for humans, on sustainable living

Dearest sweetie-petals,

I hope this finds you doing well utterly utterly famously.

In these unsettled days of change, acceptance, softness, and huge full moons, I wondered if lessons learned from cats might be a good nurturing thing to consider…

orange cat sitting on a lino block

Live Bold List 22: 6 Lessons from cats for humans, on sustainable living

  1. Eat well each day. Foods you like! Our human equivalent would be Farmers Market groceries I guess. Love the fruit and veg and the free range eggs, and pumpkin seed meal, and awesome expensive cheese!
  2. Relax. A lot. Not only does this help keep us calm, once we relax we have a tendency to reduce our use of fossil fuel, as well as other wants, for gratuitous consuming, polluting and so on.
  3. Focus when you’re working. Give it your all. Plonk yourself (or your attention) right atop the lino and give it your full attention (see photo above). Then refer back to #3.
  4. Get incidental exercise. It all adds up. Then you can of course add extra, for the sheer joy of it :) What’s our equivalent to sprinting after a just gone butterfly or pouncing on a bobbing grass seed-head? Perhaps riding the flying-fox at the playground when technically just out for ‘a walk’?
  5. Ask for the affection you need. Go on. Go up to someone and head-butt their arm. Maybe hold back on any biting though – specially if they feed you. Hint hint, catties!
  6. Make it obvious if you need extra help. No need for martyrdom or self-pity. Limp over and make your problem known. Cats manage to communicate this without even using human language!

I imagine there are other things, too… I’m certain there’s wisdom to arranging oneself in a cardboard box, but at this point I am not sure of our human version! If you have other cat-or-dog-originated wisdom you’re invited to share in the comments, below. I’d love to hear more :) Pets seem to model self care and sustainability so much more naturally than we do!

Much love and sweet sweet strawberry goodness, from Meg x o



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    • He’s a sweet boy. He is the cat from my print “Orange Cat in the Big Chair” – I had to simplify some of his fluffiness so I could make a lino print of him!

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