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[The original of this post was lost in the ether during the behind-the-scenes change; this is a re-build. I’m heaps sorry for comments that were also lost. Feel free to ‘chime in’ again, I love to hear from you].

Hello you delightful bold soul, you!

I hope you are well, and happily enchanted with life.

Over Summer I re-visited this idea: despite agreeing that we basically have too much Stuff and this isn’t good for us or the planet, sometimes items can take on the importance of a talisman, and remind us of our better intentions.

These are my rainbow peace bracelets, which I came by cheaply. I wear them as a physical prompt to try to come from a peaceful place in my actions as I go about my day. Do you use anything as a reminder like that?

The following is Stripey Cat invading my photoshoot inspecting my new tshirts. Did I mention you get free shipping when ordering 4 or more tshirts? Red Bubble are cool like that! The one on the left is my Mandala (Green Print) on a purple shirt, and the other 2 are: Bell, by Mr Lone and Wait, by Greg Orfanos (looks good on red, too, doesn’t it?)

I wonder if Stripey Cat likes the 2 on the right because of their stripey legs? I wonder if that’s why I do! Haha! :D

I was so pleased to receive these Peace and Swirly earrings and lovely chakra dangly in the post from My Soul Can Dance. The postal bag was covered in stamps saying things like “Hug a Tree” and “Embrace difference”, and included was the postcard you see above with apt saying! Don’t you love it when someone puts in an extra special effort, to give a message and show they care? I do, too!

Here’s the pink print mandala shirt. I think they print really well. It does indeed feel ‘heart centred’, and is great for yoga – I’ve tried it already :)

Well, darlings, I think we’re up to date with the blog post re-builds! Whew!
Next time: you can expect… giraffes! You’ll have to wait and see what that’s about :D

A metric tonne of love,
Meg x o

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