Summer Abundance

Hello darling Bold Soul x o x o

I hope you had a great January!

While Technical Things been happening behind the scenes with this site, a few blog posts have disappeared into the ether. This and the next one or two are re-creations, as close to the originals as I can manage! Do don’t worry if you’re getting deja-vu-but-not-quite – it really is the same but different!

These were are a couple of Photos of Abundance and Wonder that I took over Summer.

These beans, home grown by me, are quite marvellous when you look at them up close. How does Nature combine the red and the green, make it all watercoloury-looking-like, yet them not blend together badly into a muddy colour? Fantastic!

I’m also very happy to have successfully grown beans for the first time, other than blessedly hardy broad beans! Did I tell you? I grew scarlet broad beans this past Spring! Spectacular looking, and sweet too.

This next shot reveals a glut of Summer gorgeousness from the Farmers Market:

Imagine the subtle sound and full sweet aroma of a sink full of floating ripe strawberries, gently bobbing in the water :D I am very grateful that even on my FODMAPs diet, I can eat yummy fruit like strawberries. It makes up for the non-fodmaps-sensitive-gut-friendliness of stone fruit at this time of year!

That ‘strawberries in the sink’ shot reminds me of this strawberry picture – now available using my fancy new store/checkout, hoorah! Tech tweaking overhaul, for the win! This picture comes as greeting cards and digital fine art prints. At the time of writing, the original one-of-a-kind watercolour is available: Pink Bowl and Red Strawberries. Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of Australian Summer :)

Lots of love, as always,
Meg x o