All creatures baked and tall

Hello you, you fabulous bold soul!
How’s your bold day going?

In the last month or so, I’ve been helping with costumes for the local Fringe Opening Parade!

Ta-daaa! This is where the promised penguins and giraffes enter the scene :)

Stripey socks legs? Check! :D

This is how the giraffes were set up: there are stilt-walkers on ‘leg’ (usual) stilts + specially made arm stilts for the front legs. We built a wire and paper mache head, which was carried via a structure over the shoulders, and we attached the cape body to that. The back legs are wearing ‘stilt pants’! It was lots of hard work, but they ended up looking cool, dontcha think?

No comfortable task working those costumes while performing characters – quite a special set of skills! The stilt performers really brought Spot and Patch to life :)

Here are our both of our intrepid penguins:

So wonderful the way the performers gave the cloth, socks and flippers so much personality!
The stripey socks? They were on loan from my personal collection!

I loved the Big Hairstyles that were done for our other stilt performers at Clip Joint Education Salon. Check them out Adelaide Bold Souls, they’re very professional – and fun to work with! For the parade they did punk styles, swirly curls, braiding, spray-on colour and lots and lots of crimping!

There were dozens and dozens of other floats and performers. As the parade went along the heat of the day eased as the sun went down. From my vantage point I could see the fireworks. Fun!

Have you been part of a big community event before? Did you enjoy yourself? Tell us about it in the comments section below :) We’d love to hear.

Besides costume making, much other productive work has been happening behind the scenes here already this year – and when I say ‘behind the scenes’ I mean structural, not obvious, in fact never-to-be-seen webby foundation improvements! At least I can finally show you the part which is showable – you can check out my new shopping cart (get it? Check out! Haha!)! It’s taken quite a bit of time, and included uploading my artworks again!

I hope you are travelling greenly, olivey happy peaceful, earth aware green.
Loads of love,
Meg x o

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