Live Bold List 25: A Dozen Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hello, Bold Soul!
You’re a magnificent petal! Mwah! Hope this finds you glowingly well, and surrounded by a cloud of bright butterflies and small¬†adoring birds!

I have been dearly wanting to do an <insert age of writer here> Things You Might Not Know About Me list blog post. For two years it’s proved a psychological hurdle. Now, I’m thinking: if I can break it down into blog-sized pieces, maybe it’s doable! I will be turning (4 x 12) this year, so I undertake to make 4 posts with 12 things each in them. By the time my birthday comes around in about 8 months, there will be the right number altogether. Sound like a plan?

Voila the first dozen.

Live Bold List 25: A Dozen Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. Much as I am horrified by what we are doing to the earth and each other, I feel sincerely lucky to be living in this age. I love my computer and all the connection, creativity and commerce it allows, and running water and piped power. I am very grateful for these and other modern wonders.
  2. I am courageous around moths and cockroaches. Less so with spiders. I’ve grown out of my reaction to bee stings.
  3. A yoga instruction that makes me laugh is: “Let go of your face”. I adore yoga and agree that ‘face letting go’ (in both meanings I can think of) is a good idea.
  4. I prefer strawberries at room temperature – not cold from the fridge. This might partially be a tooth sensitivity issue.
  5. I can often smell water when it’s boiling. I can definitely smell the difference between filtered and unfiltered water. If you’ve experienced Adelaide water, this will make a lot of sense!
  6. When I first came across Photoshop I didn’t trust it! This is perhaps unusual for a graphic design trained person. I think it was mainly because I didn’t understand it. I didn’t ‘get’ resolution, and I certainly didn’t trust the ‘marching ants selection line’. I have come to understand it better now, and it’s come to be an essential tool. And yes I “trust” it.
  7. I am a Mac person married to a PC person. For many practical purposes this difference is more apparent than our age or upbringing differences.
  8. Finding out where the line symbol “|” comes from was like finding out where babies come from. It’s there on the keyboard above the ‘back slash’, did you know? Also the blue scroll bar at the side of text too long for it’s box.
  9. I think it’s important that everyone reads “Passage to Power” by Leslie Kenton (also available for Kindle). Ostensibly about menopuase, it actually good information for people, who have bodies, who live in the world! Bio-identical progesterone cream is one of the things that has made a huge difference for me.
  10. I am an enthusiastic non-cleaner. I plan to employ someone to help us out with that this year!
  11. I have elfy slippers. Actually if you’ve been here a while you might know that one :)
  12. I have non pierced ears, and every intention to keep them that way. I have far too many earrings, all with clip and screw-on attachments already! I like the idea of an ear cuff. Hehe! – also non-pierced!

This has been an interesting exercise – I’m very glad to be breaking it down into 4 installments! Persist and thouest will get there eventually! If you’ve blogged a list such as this, I’d love if you’d link to it in the comments!

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Have a lovely week, dear bold soul,
Love Meg x o


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