What Bold Souls Say Wednesday #1

Well, it’s not really the first What Bold Souls Say Wednesday, but it is the first one here on my blog/site. So, dearly beloved, this is where we shall begin the numbering…

What Bold Souls Say Wednesday #1:

“The mini-art is even more lovely in person! :-)? ” (Upon arrival of small watercolour painting in the post) – Birdy Diamond, Michigan, United States.

I’d love it if you’d suggest to friends who you recognise as fellow Bold Souls (ones who would like my Bold Art) that they get their own gift downloads of bookmarks and/or bookplates to print! This flower design, “Flourishing”, is one of the designs in the download. Also, the tall bookmark shape is highly suitable for Pinterest, don’t you think? Haha! Share along if you feel to :)

See you soon,
Love Meg x o


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