Bold Living 26: Moonbeams and a Happier Life

Sky in the Garden_quote

Greetings, oh loveliest of Lovelies!
Go for it: Share, Pin and Tweet this artwork + quote :)
Tangerine Meg x o

PS The original artwork is a One of a Kind Watercolour by me: Sky in the Garden!
Sky still available as Digital Fine Art Prints and Greeting Cards; the original went to a good home during the SA Fringe Festival.
M x

PS2 Below is a more twitter-sharable format! M x o

Header for Moonbeams, cat picture and James J Gormley quote

4 thoughts on “Bold Living 26: Moonbeams and a Happier Life”

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  2. Sitting here with my cousin, James J. Gormley, and appreciating not only the use of his quote, but the beautiful artwork showcasing it! Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    1. Big, big Thank You June and James! I so appreciate your comment.
      You made me cry a little bit when I read this. To be able to connect like this – in both directions – around the world is probably my favourite thing about the internet! M x o
      PS Keep speaking up about genetic modification!

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