Market Painting and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Elephant Top

Hellooooo, Bold Soul!

Hope this finds you with rainbows a-shimmering in your heart, that you’re delighted as well as delightful. I am grateful for a cool, calm day, and a just-finished happy weekend with my shining son home for a few sweet hours.

Header image, mostly text. At right is a city drawn and painted by me in a morning.

This past Sunday I had my art stall at the Mitcham Village Market [see right ‘side bar’ for upcoming dates, South Aussie Bold Souls]. What a delightful morning! The sun was warm, lovely people were flowing through, and folk were most kind about my art demo, of which this is result:


I built it up from the border and the fish at the bottom at 10am, gradually moving up the scene. By about 1pm I was painting on the colours. Thanks to all the kids who came and chatted to me! Adults, too :)
Special thanks to Keyisha (sp?) and Mailey who offered ideas that I incorporated. I wonder if the Bold Souls looking at this can find our Santa, parkour boy, pirate building, chandelier factory and Wizard building lasering the bird – or if they cover their eyes at the boyfriend/girlfriend! Haha!

me_seated with elephant top2

Remember this? Here ^^^ is the picture from my post about Christmas Day, in which I bought a cotton top with elephant borders [incidentally the previous time my son was coming to town].

My friend and mentor Tammy Vitale admired the top in the comments section. The top is lightweight and easily posted, and I wondered if we could do A Sisterhood of the Travelling Elephant Top. Remember the movies about the 4 friends called The Sisterhood/s of the Travelling Pants? Long story short: Last week I posted the top to Tammy with her prize from my recent Giveaway! Surprise, Tammy! [… Or actually maybe “Spoiler, Tammy!” Oh dear. I wonder if this post will reach your inbox first or if the parcel will arrive?] If it’s anything like in the movie, the top will magically fit; if not, then someone will be found who can give it a wear! Will you post it on if any other Bold Souls want to play?
If you want to help make this A Thing…
Comment on this post to join the Sisterhood of the Travelling Elephant Top, and are willing to pass it on to the next person via post. Make sure to include your email address when you comment so we can contact you for your mailing address :)

Happy June Day, sweetie pops!
Meg x o

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