They’re here!

Hello Love-ly!

I hope this finds you thriving, scooting, blossoming and totally getting your today groove on! :D
I’m all aflutter – I’ve just brought home the new Calendars from the printers…
(click on the picture to order from the Bold Art Emporium)

Cover+stack-CalendarsThey are just as nice as on the screen, but so 3-D and not pixelly at all! I wish you could feel the pages…

I’ve set up the drop down menu so that the more calendars you order, the less each one costs. Haha, they have a Use By date – and I don’t want any left over!
If you spend over $50 leave me a note that you read my blog at the checkout – and I’ll refund your postage costs. I would give you a code for that, but as of this writing the code doesn’t seem to be functioning. Troubleshooting shall ensue!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Have a wonderful weekend; maybe see you at the Cat Show?
Tangerine Meg x o <3

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