Woot! Calendars!

Hey Lovely!

I hope you are well, you delightful creature!
I am well, and felling very lucky that I have other things to think about besides Federal Elections.
This is a quick, excitable post to say: “Look what I made!”cover-artIt’s pretty hard to contain my enthusiasm. Actually, I can’t contain it! This post will have an even higher percentage of exclamation marks than usual!

This is the cover of my new Calendar ^^^ There’s a bit of the picture from each month inside the letters – lucky for me “Calendar2014” has 12 characters!
There’s art and a quote, and space for important notes in each month. Below is January, as an example.

They’re at the printers now, now, now! You can pre-order here to make sure you get one!

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section!
Love Meg x o




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