Tutu Saturday, in photos

Greetings, dearheart!
I hope this finds you swimming in light and love. I am trying to keep warm this cool Autumn evening, and am waiting for a spicy pumpkin/nut slice – just out of the oven – to cool down enough for a taste test!

This post is the pictoral story of a Saturday when I wore my rainbow tutu (which I got here) all day long! It was a bold day.

Just-about-to-leave-the-house selfy:

Me_start of tutu saturday_header

Playing sport in my tutu… Hit Ball is a new sport to Australia and is super fun. I do not play as hard as the pros in this video! Where are their tutus, anyway?


Next I dropped in to the library. This has about 4 overlaid photos; not a double exposure, I guess a quadruple exposure?

me_library_tutu_double exposure_blogsize

My Bowen therapist is also a photographer, and she took this one of me as I reassembled (put my tutu and shoes back on) after my Bowen session. Later I overlaid the portrait with another pic of some pretty carved wood.


Some where between Bowen therapy and ‘feet up’ I went to the supermarket. It was enough boldness to just be wearing a tutu at the shops; I didn’t manage to take a photo there, too. Got lots of smiles from little kids in shopping trolleys :)

Here’s a put up the feet at the end of the day shot. This double exposure was made all swirly by overlaying a photo of the most groovy markings on a water-effected, coloured envelope.

feet up with tutu and colour run envelope dble exposure


Please don’t think I spend everyday in such an atypical for suburbia manner. This is an occasional activity!

You are most welcome to leave a comment below… tell us about a day when you boldly stepped out in what you felt like wearing, knowing that you may or may not gain approval from those around you!

Boldly go, bold soul.
Love Meg x o

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