Introducing: Half a Glass of Water and a handful of red garden flowers

Dearest Bold Soul,

I hope this finds you delighting your spirit, maybe with dancing, skipping and/or skating? I myself am planning a skating expedition somewhere the paths are wide, smooth and unobstructed!

Half a Glass of Water musings

Is the glass half full? Or half empty? Or is it simply half a glass of water?

It’s a rose coloured glass. Can I look at the world through it?

I decided to go ahead and paint Half a Glass of water.

A day with a glass of water is a truly lucky day, indeed. You’ve already had some water and you still have some left!

I do find that wording things positively makes things work better. Do you?

Glass half full, then? *clink*

Half a glass_2.0

The cloths in both pictures are wonderful vintage scarves from one of my great tangerine aunties who loved to travel, well before our current era when travel is so readily available.

Garden Flowers (Reds)

This one was started last Spring, just a couple of months ago, so for me it’s kinda out of season. For you delightful Northern Hemisphere bold souls this is gonna make much more sense right now!

It’s a simple, yet irresistable handful of colourful flowers from the garden – the reds drew me in and I couldn’t resist. Can you imagine the scent of the sweet peas and nasturtiums? I wish there was ‘scent-ernet’ so I could ‘show’ you :)
Garden flowers_redsWhat’s growing at your place, bold soul? We have: a few volunteer nasturtium seedlings; a tall willowy cosmos plant that makes me so happy flowering and swaying in the wind and sunshine outside the window; fruitful ripening oranges; and a loquat tree that’s bursting with blooms preparing already for our coming Southern Hemisphere Spring. Dontcha love Mother Nature’s solid planning :)

As always, you can click on the paintings to check them out more in the Bold Art Emporium (my online market stall!)

Have a terrific week,
Much love,
Meg x o

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