My favourite low FODMAPs ‘hack’ so far this year

Header image for "favourite low fodmaps hack" featuring Tangerine Meg watercolour artwork "Citrus, Stripes and Scarf"

If you’re on a low FODMAPs diet, hang in there – I know it a big mind shift but does get easier!

Firstly, credit where it’s due: I QUIT SUGAR! Thank you Sarah Wilson and team! I love that an Aussie is leading the way with this important change in the world! Quitting sugar is important. In these articles IQS also address the correction of other digestive issues ‘specifically with low FODMAPs eating >> Here’s a general article about low FODMAPs (what and why), and here’s a further one to help us on our way. #IQSfangirl

I quit sugar cookbooks in the foreground, with a reflection of me in the white tiles above

If you’re following my instagram feed, you might’ve guessed from the sneak peeks of my latest lino print that it’s an illustration of a gut microbiome likening it to a garden eco system. Which it is.

close up of lino print called A Veritable Garden

Here’s my favourite low FODMAPs Hack!

Oh my gosh, how much is onion in just about every yummy recipe ever?

The great thing is we can substitute it with the green part of spring onions and get the flavour without upsetting our digestive systems. (Obviously I’m not a medical professional. I’m an artist, speaking from personal experience. Do what is right for you!)

My favourite new little trick (aka. hack) is freezing spring onions. Here’s how:

  1. Buy a bunch of spring onions. The green bit is low FODMAPs, the white isn’t.
  2. Chop the green parts into small pieces and put in zip lock freezer bag (see picture).
  3. If you don’t have some soil to plant the white rooted spring onion ends in for long term growth (I don’t either at the moment) put them into glass of water and they’ll grow some more!
  4. They should grow a couple more slightly smaller crops. Repeat the chop and freeze step.
  5. If you’re doing the glass thing, replace the water a couple of times over the next week or 2 until it becomes too stinky to handle, then compost.

This is what my frozen spring onion looks like! It feels like such a wonderful resource at dinner making time!

spring onion frozen

Here are some of my paintings featuring low FODMAPs foods that inspire me, usually from the Farmers Market, sometimes from the garden. Citrus seems to be ok. Lucky for me… I do love to cook with lemon.

Watercolour still life, featuring limes lemon and mandarin, in and beside a striped bowl, nestled onto a pink clothe with colourful fower patternClick the pictures to check out these colourful low FODMAPs still lifes in my Gallery Shop! There’s beauty in the necessities of sustenance. :D

Watecolour still life by Tangerine Meg, featuring blue and white vase, red capsicums, an autumn leaf and a riot of colourful backgroun patternIn case you haven’t had a look yet, this big “loosey goosey” (technical term!) still life is reduced to just $109 in my Autumn Studio Clearance. Click through to read more info at this post, including the 10% off lino prints and paintings coupon code.

Loose still life with a white teapot arranged with garden produce on a flowered clothIn related news: you might like this interview I gave at epicurious, a fab foodie website. What fun!

South Australian bold souls, if you’re coming to Flinders Street Market this Saturday, come say ‘hi’ and see the paintings and lino prints (for realz instead of on screen)… mention the Autumn Studio Clearance to get 10% off unframed original artworks!

Well this turned from one little frozen hack into an explosion of colour, flowers and low FODMAPs artwork! I hope you’re having a bright, nourished day! Keep well.

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o <3


PS This is fascinating me too, and is related… In the TED Radio Hour podcast, Guy Raz combines several TED talks on a chosen theme. Here’s a link to a page about an episode entitled “Finite” which I’m listening to as we ‘speak’. Lots of aspects are covered, but of special interest to me today is the over use of antibiotics and it’s relationship to our personal and species microbiology and immune systems.

PS2 I think we need a low FODMAPs support group! Argh!

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