What to Wear to a Protest March followed by an Exhibition Launch

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What *does* one wear to a Protest March followed by an Exhibition Launch?

For both an exhibition launch and a protest march there’s going to be a lot of walking and standing, so make sure your groovy shoes are comfy! You know I’m a fan of wearing shoes that respect your skeleton every day (see #9 on this post.)

Here’s my self portrait in our old (ie. previous house) bathroom on the day of the protest march in question. (Side note: As you can imagine, the saying on the door is quite perplexing when it’s not reflected in the mirror! It #makesmelaugh and is strangely reassuring! Maybe needs to go on a tshirt?)


I believe the underlying principles are to dress:

  1. as yourself, and
  2. for comfort (including for the weather).

This skirt is a lovely op shop one with sewn on sparkly things, the tshirt is overlaid by a flowery crocheted 3/4 sleeve thing (bought not made!) All breathable cotton, and layered enough for that overcast/mild day.


My red glasses make me happy :)

Take hydration and a snack if the events will crash through lunch time. (Heh, I must be getting addicted to instagram – this lunch picture would’ve looked better with a filter on it!)


Here’s a link to the recipes for the inside out paleo loaf (I just call it Olive Bread) and the choc chia cookies shown. I also took some sweet sweet baby tomatoes from the Farmers Market, and a bottle of water.

This is what I ‘wore’ when I joined the marriage equality “We all say I do” on tumblr. You can still join in, if you want to.

henna hand with #ido and background of flower fabric

While we’re talking arts+activism, check out Peter Drew Arts, he’s making some good statements about inclusivity with art posters he prints and pastes up all over Australia. His pozible crowd funding campaigns are more than funded … heaps encouraging, right, as that would indicate a lot of folk agree with his message. Good.

What other art + life scenarios would you like me to compose an outfit for? Type it in below in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

Hope this helps,
Love Meg x o


PS if you’d like to get dressed up for an exhibition launch this September, and will be in Goolwa, near Adelaide, South Australia… check out my upcoming solo exhibition here.

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