Live Bold List 42: Making Things, Making Things Fair and Death

Header image for "Making Things, Making Things Fair and Death" featuring Tangerine Meg lino print artwork "Cat and Cusion"

I’m bursting to share these wonderful ideas, which are colouring me intrigued this week/month. I love podcasts (and videos that have interesting messages)! Here are a few I enjoyed, sorted by theme.

(The above cat linoprint artwork is part of the last lino print I made of Stripey Cat before it was time fro him to go (rainbow journey).)

Making Things, Making Things Fair

Brene Brown on Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic podcast. I loved listening to this!

I know you have to see it to be it. I feel as though I could bust ghosts now – even from just watching the new Ghostbusters movie trailer!

This video of a feminist/writer meeting 10 year olds and talking to them made me really happy.


Two podcasts on doing death well. Or even just talking about it somewhat in daily life!

Death Lady, Caitlin Doughty on Pace and Kyeli’s podcast.

And this Australian woman, Bronnie Ware, who wrote “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying”, here in conversation with Mr Fields on the Good Life Project podcast. What a life, a story, and amazing meaningful success!

striped cat in a garden of poppies and orange ground cover - hand coloured lino print(Click the picture to check out this earlier Stripey Cat art in my online Gallery Shop. Or click this to check out the entire Cat Art section! (By the way, get Autumn Studio Clearance 10% off unframed originals by using code “ASC26” without the quote marks. Spend over $99 and get free shipping.))

Have a frolicsome week,
Love Meg x o


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