Happy to Be Here Project: Progress Report 3

a photo of a person in blue jeans walking across ashphalt, overlaid with a graphic of a black-outlined orange cat, overlaid with chunky type saying "Happy To Be Here Project: Progress Report 3"

I’m close to finishing my artwork ready for my art exhibition in September! Along with 3 rooms and a couple of lobbies lined with my art, in the installation room at the venue we’ll be screening a movie/slide show with photos from readers around the world. I’m calling it the Happy To Be Here Project. Bold souls from near and far have gotten involved, and bold souls who visit the exhibition can see what other kindred spirits are seeing and doing.

Project submissions are now closed!

And this happened:

In other news, that affects everything: if you follow me on instagram or facebook, you might have seen that dear OrangeCat made his rainbow journey last week leaving a big fluffy gap. And I also made a short blog post here. Playing with iPhone double exposures helped as I worked through the grief.

Here are the last batch of entries into the Happy To Be Here Project

A Summer sandals wearing photo at some mulched ground from Tricia O’Donovan. Nice fabric! Click the picture to read about Tricia’s eco housing business: Living Not Beige.

Person wearing a pink spotty dress and blue sandals standing on a paving stove near some brown mulched earth

The definition of relaxed and serene: fishing off a boat with the sun and white fluffy clouds behind you. Thanks Gill and Stephan.

silhouetted fisherman on boat with cloudy sky behind

My kind of pass time! Love the feet, the fab poultry and the pretty pansies. Thanks Carroll from Vermont!

propped up feet keeping company with ducks geese chickens

Maddie and Josephine. Mamma, baby and wonderful quilt…

Maddie and Josephine_630

Claire Byrt’s photo of trees at sunrise… “Happy To Be Here”
Click the pic to learn more about Claire’s heart centred business, Project Work Life.

Trees at Sunrise, Fleurieu PeninsulaClaire Byrt also sent in this ‘everyday delightful moments’ pic of her boys.

boys by a blackboard

Love this! Claire Smith from Salt Yoga #fearless #happytobehereproject #tangerinemeg #innerfirelumimaries #myinnerfire Click the pic to learn more about Salt Yoga.

ClaireSmith_SaltYoga_630Philippa and Alastair … lovely and cosy. Click the pic to check out my second Bold Interview which was with Philippa. Thanks for playing – the interview and this project – Philippa!

Philippa and Alastair_630Thanks, Adrian and Robert, for cleaning out the septic! Someone’s gotta do it!

Adrain and Robert_septic_630

Naomi Benoist captured this amazing spot in Canada with a turtle shell like rock marking – while wearing pink shoelaces! Thanks, Naomi!


Kelly Wilk Ricard recorded this moment with her juicy reading material and colours!

Kelly Wilk Ricard_630

Tom Pilarski has snuck his feet into his shot of this orange rind happy dude.

Orange peel Dude

Luciana made her own HappyToBeHere lettering and Nya lay upon it. They’re from Rosario, Argentina. Loving the stripes and sweet cat.

Luciana and Nya, in Rosari, Argentina

Making a grey day so colourful and happy in France! Thanks, Helen!

bright slippers on bright fabrics with poem overlaid

Syd keeping things colourful during a short hospital stay!

blue pants and orange socks make a hospital stay more colourful

And that’s it!

I’m loving this not-so-little collection! Are you, like me, enjoying the sense both of the participants places, and our connectedness around the world! It’s good.
Click this to see the first batch. Second batch here. You’re reading the 3rd and final installment!

Entries are now closed!

Feel free to share this blog post along via social media or what have you … the more the merrier! If you’re on my mailing list (get on it here) and want a postcard invitation to my “Happy To Be Here Exhibition” in the Real Mail, add your postal address and I’ll send one your way when they’re printed :)

Leave a comment below or email me via this page if you’ve other questions!

Have a great week!
Love Meg x o


PS The 2017 Bold Art Calendars are now back from the printers. They are delightful: colourful, shiny, happy! Click this to check out the covers and order yours!






















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  1. Hi Margie, loving seeing all these Happy pics from your fans world wide.

    I want to get to your exhibition opening in Sept.

    Can you please email me the time and date.

    Thank you dear creative one. Love, Rose Herd xo

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