Woman and Ageing: Getting older. Getting invisible. Or not.

As I’m growing older, occasionally I get responded to as though I’m invisible. *It’s infrequent* I’m lucky to move in genuine, human-friendly circles – but it happens sometimes out and about. I know what ‘they’ are talking about now.

There are a few facets to this: Invisibility. Or not. Is it a workable super power? And where does anti-ageing cream fit in?

warm coloured watercolour background, overlaid with Tina Arena quote: "Honesty and Transparency always has a presence". This serves as an image for a Women and Ageing blog post.


Why would advertising and even people-I-don’t-know offer that a certain face cream is “anti-ageing”? Because I’ve cracked 50 I guess.

The concept of anti-ageing might be intended to keep you healthy and well (or make some money) but it sounds like an anti-life message to my sensitive ears.

Life is fluid and rolls forward, always in motion. Why would I/we want to go backwards, erase my/our experience (that got us here today), deny years and crinkles and precious life?

Dying is the only way we wouldn’t age, right? While that’s inevitable, I wouldn’t wish it on somebody sooner than later!

Love this writing by Brenda Kinsel on the topic. She’s anti-anti-ageing!

What about this looming invisibility?

What about this invisibility piece? What if it is our superpower?

Let’s say it is our super power…

What if we could do a whole heap of good under the radar. The radar is catching awful stuff – and broadcasting it! If ‘the radar’ picks us up, then let viewers be surprised how much good we have quietly done! #reasonsIwantyoutoblog

Honesty and Transparency

Loved this interview with Tina Arena on Mia Freedman’s No Filter Podcast ‘specially as I’d really enjoyed Tina Arena’s book in previous weeks. When broaching getting older, particularly as a woman, Tina asserted wisely: “Honesty and transparency always has a presence”

I like that.

Not sure that I’ve come to any conclusion today, rather have put forward some ideas that sound like they couldn’t co-exist, but they seem to.

Have you thoughts? Share below or on my Facebook, dearheart, I’d love to hear what you think or have experienced, or, tell us about an amazing under-the-radar person :)

Go well this week my friend!
Love Meg x o


PS A few weeks ago, I shared this ^^^ graphic of Tina Arena’s words on my instagram feed. On my instagram, I’ve started doing a patchwork arrangement alternating quotes with images to see how it looks. I like it so far – and alternating pictures with text keeps me on my toes! Do you think there are enough people saying cool stuff to keep up the pattern for, say, a year? Follow me on instagram if you like, and let’s find out! :)  M x o



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  1. thanks and you’re welcome (I actualy first wrote this with “Fifty. Fifty. Fifty.” but time marches on….pretty soon I’ll have to change it to “Seventy. Seventy. Seventy.” but that doesn’t sound as good. ;)

    In front of the quicksilver mirror
    Mercury’s reflecting glass
    she places a hand under each breast
    pushes up, arches her back,
    stretches and watches the shadow
    of a 23-year-old waist emerge
    blurred as an old photograph. she
    smiles. Relaxes. Chants, “Sixty. Sixty.
    Sixty.” Thinks of Manet’s picture,
    Olympia, and the roundness of Renoir’s
    women; wonders what any one of them
    would think of Kate Moss.
    If she were a month, she would be
    August. Hot. Wetness everywhere.
    As she brushes her hair, she sees blue
    lightening, watches her hair move
    around her face like something alive.
    She has noticed that somehow she has become
    invisible. She thinks, Crone.
    And the snakes rustles in her skirt, wrap
    around her shoulders, whisper soft
    as water wearing down stone, telling
    stories she has never before heard.

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