Bold Living 56: Put the duck in Productivity

Welcome bold soul! I’d like you to meet The Productivity Duck:

watercolour background with text saying "Put the" (then a picture of a duck) "into productivity"

She makes me feel whimsical instead of pressed when thinking of all the things that I want to get done! I hope you have a whimsically productive day, too! This picture was first posted on my instagram feed. Follow along there if you’re an instagrammy person :)

Another way to get productive besides poultry

I highly recommend Michelle Nickolaisen’ Freelancer Planner! << Click the link to check it out … Michelle figured out this brilliant, practical system – I use it, and it makes a big difference! From overwhelmed with ideas and obligations, to having them in order and making a prioritised plan for my month/week/day. [Full disclosure: I’m biased ‘cos I did the graphic design :) Doing the book design gave me the opportunity to get to know Michelle’s system well, and I’m proud to have played a part making this awesome tool.]

More about planning!

If you’re in Adelaide or the Fleurieu Peninsula and you’d like to make your 2018 Vision Board in community, this might be for you …
My friend Yaisa Nio (yoga teacher, health coach and writer for elephant journal what!) and I are running a Vision Board workshop on Sunday November 12, at a gorgeous yoga studio in Christies Beach. We’ll be supporting you to make your 2018 Vision Board, by combining our skills … If that sounds delightful to you &/or you want to give yourself the accountability factor, get on my mailing list (or Yaisa’s) for first dibs on the strictly limited workshop tickets!

This was first going to be a Picture Post with barely any writing! Happily it grew! A long link ‘listicle’ post is coming later in the week, too. See you then!

Take care of fabulous you,
Love Meg x o


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Tall image with a watercolour background. There's a line-drawing of a duck and the header (in a hand-writing-like font) saying "Put the Duck in Productivity".


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