Bold Living 58: Matisse on serene things and annoyances

Quote by Matisse on a watercolour rainbow backgroundMatisse seems to have had a similar approach to his art that we do with social media … wanting to uplift, not impart annoyance! Although I’ve a designer’s eye and want my social media feeds to be congruent, I am also cautious of curating my sharing to within a whisker of (my idea of) perfection.

Remember, I previously wrote upon the positives of social media here.

For the sake of my own privacy and overall vibe of my contribution, neither do I want to share every gritty grimy bit of day.

Mr Matisse doesn’t say to fake the serenity. It sounds more that he’s into a story that’s beyond the Good-Bad realm. That’s hard for an enneagram 1 to even say, but I’m slowly learning more nuance as I get older!

It’s a cyclic thing with social media, too: Have a nice day and want to share a photo, but then stay too long and need a break!
I think the Instagram bold soul / commenters who responded “It Depends” on this annoyances/serenity Matisse quote are right!

Ideally, I aim for uplift-based-on-reality – life itself is quirky and beautiful. Shall we play  our day as best we can, and aim for an overall real / positive contribution on social media? … I’d love to hear your approach below, or on my Facebook page! #irony :)

Talk soon,
Love Meg x o

water colour background overlaid with bold art calendar covers in themes: cats, bold women and still lifes

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PS2 Regarding my last-post-but-one’s ideas, here’s an absolutely fascinating addition to that conversation.

watercolour background with hand-written-looking font with a Matisse quote

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